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Pictures of Toronto

Taken at the 2000 Toronto Chinese Beauty Pageant. These are all the award winners. Jenny is the second one from the left.
You put WHAT in your mouth?!?
Yo Yo, a foreign visa student taking English classes at York. I met her through Sidney. Yo Yo's awesome at Karaoke!
More of Yo Yo. She's back in Taiwan now.
Oiy...definitely not one of my better moments...prepare to kiss your sense of hearing good-bye....
More MBA karaoke moments. From left to right are Goshen, Jung, Alice, Jenny, Cam, Robert and Robert.
Robert in the middle of a Jenny and Lyla sammich....
Angela and Cathy, both MBA people, at Reshma's engagment dinner. Angela's already married, can you believe it?
Softball. 'Nuff said.
If any of the girls viewing these pictures sees anyone that they like, I can get you their numbers....=P
Group shot!
At the end of the day...since no one will be able to verify anyway, we'll just pretend we kicked butt and did real well....
More group shots of our softball team.
And still more...actually, I'm just trying to squeeze in as many shots of the females as I can.
Okay, this is the last one the softball team...I promise....
Toronto Pictures
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