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Pictures of Toronto

Alice Huang, same location. Jenny and Alice were messing around with my camera at the time.
Bunch of classmates in the same International Marketing class. From left to right are Jessica, Alice, Jenny, Anna and Joseph. Unfortunately, Iíve since lost touch with most of them.
This is in front of MHQ KTV on the top floor of Pacific Mall. Jenny just came back from a styling session in preparation for the 2000 Miss. Chinese Toronto beauty pageant.
Jenny again, in a cute pose. More pictures from the actual competition is posted later on.
Cathy and I at the school, Halloween 2000. Iím dressed as Darth Maul. The entire costume is hand-made, from the cloak to the face paint to the light-sabre.
Cathy and I, once again. I think we were the only ones dressed up in MBA that day. MBA students just have absolutely no sense of creativity.
Joy (Pin Yu) Chen, Carrie (my brotherís girlfriendís cousin) and I. This is at my house, night of Halloween.
The evil Darth Maul takes onÖCeasar?!? My chicken cousin (Lisa) is using our husky, Ceasar, as a living shield.
I canít believe they offed Darth Maul in the first episode. He was the coolest character and the only salvageable character in the entire film.
That my brother, Charlie, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. I dunno how many times heís dressed in that getup. Either way, itís still pretty cool, and all hand made.
Group shot of Halloween, 2000. Carrie and Joy only used regular face paint. Actually, if she got the right clothes, Carrie couldíve dressed as the cat in the hat.
Close-up of the two costumes. I guess the one thing we both have in common is that we need to hide our faces...=P
Me showing off my costume once again. The background is merged with the photo. I donít really have that kind of set in my house.
And yet more pictures of my costume. This is in my basement. Anyone sick of it yet?
Okay, this is the last one of my costume. I promise. This is the only close-up I have of the face paint, so I thought I should put it in here.
Toronto Pictures
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