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Here are the Street/Ramp tricks. The ones that are easiest to do are listed first. This section is pretty small because I only put the tricks that are absolute street tricks. All other major tricks are in the dirt section, so check there, because almost all of the tricks there can be done on a street course, and they definitely all can be done on a vert ramp. Email me with tricks you want to see on this page.

BUNNYHOP The basis for many other tricks, a bunnyhop is getting both tires off the ground without a ramp or anything. Just pull up on the handlebars, get the front tire in the air high, then use your legs to lift up the back wheel. Level the bike out by pushing down on the handlebars.

ENDO Roll forward and apply the front brake. As you do so, push forward and down on your handlebars, lifting the back tire off the ground. Set it down and ride away.

WHEELIE Ride forward, pull up on the bars, and pedal along with only the back tire on the ground.

MANUAL The same as a wheelie, only you don't pedal as you ride along on the back tire. You use your body to keep your momentum going until you drop down.

X-UP While in the air, turn your handlebars 180 degrees to either side, then quickly turn them 180 degrees to the other side.

BARSPIN Can be done on flat ground or in the air. Simply spin your handlebars around 360 degrees. Spreading your legs a bit helps so that the bars don't get caught up. Practice first by just doing a 180 degree spin.

360 Obviously a turn of 360 degrees to the left or right. Start turning before the bike is off of the jump. Lead hard with your head and body. It just takes practice.

BUTTERFLY Do a bunnyhop and, while in the air, turn your handlebars 90 degrees to the left then 90 degrees to the right and land. It works better on a ramp since you have more air time.

FUFANU While in the air, pull up on the handlebars and grab your back brake. Slam your back tire against a wall or onto coping. Lean toward your landing area while your tire is hitting the whatever, so that it is easier to land. Land on your front tire, then set the back one down and ride away.

NOSEPICK Start off with a bunnyhop. Hold the front brake on and set your front wheel on whatever you are trying to do the nosepick on (like a curb or bench). Balance there on your wheel for as long as you can, then push off, land, and ride out.

ICEPICK Bunnyhop onto a wall or rail or whatever, and land on your back peg. Hold it for a few seconds, then hop back down. What do you do with the front tire? Keep it in the air. Aim for a vertical position. An icepick grind would just be an icepick with the peg grinding (moving) along.

TOOTHPICK Bunnyhop onto whatever, and land on your front peg. The opposite of an icepick.

FEEBLE GRIND Bunnyhop onto a rail or wall, land on a back peg, and grind along. Your front wheel should rolling along the top of what the peg is grinding on.

DOUBLD PEG GRIND Just like it sounds-bunnyhop onto a surface and grind on the front and back peg.

SMITH GRIND Bunnyhop up to a grinding surface, let the back wheel roll across the top, and have the front peg grinding along the surface.

PEG STALLS Jump up onto some coping with the front and back peg on either side of the bike. Lean into the coping, and just sort of hang there for a while. Hop back in by leading with your front tire when you are done. Like the name says-it is just stalling on the coping.

ALLEY OOP GRIND Ride up to the coping you will grind on, and do a 180 onto it. This will result in you grinding in a backwards direction.

FOOT PLANT Ride up to a bench or wall, and bunnyhop towards it. When you reach it, take a foot off the pedal and slam it onto the bench or wall, pushing yourself up and away from the object so that you can land.