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Here are the Dirt tricks. They are listed in alphabetical order. Email me with any other tricks you want to see on this page.

BACKFLIP To do a backflip, get lots of speed. When you hit the jump, pull up hard on the handlebars, arch your back, lead with your head, and eye the spot you want to land. Land on the front wheel, then the back wheel will come down. Keep your knees bent.

BAR TURN Turn your handlebars 90 degrees to the left or right while in the air.

CAN-CAN Take your left leg and throw it over the top tube of the bike so that the foot is pointing to the right, or vice versa.

CANDYBAR While in the air, take either foot and extend it over your handlebars so that it is pointing in the direction you are traveling. (It should be in between your arms, which are on the grips.) Bring your leg back to its pedal and land.

CLIFF HANGER While in the air, take your feet off the pedals and hook them under the handlebars. Stick your arms up in the air so that it looks like you are hanging from your wrists. Lift up your knees to bring the bike back to you.

FLARE A flare is just a back flip with a 180. Do a back flip, and when you are in the air, turn your handlebars to the right, and push the back of the bike out in the same direction. If you want to see a master flare, check out Dennis McCoy.

FRONT PEG GRAB While in the air, pull up on the handlebars, lean over them, and grab the front pegs. That's it. Land by letting go of the pegs and returning your hands to the grips.

INDIAN AIR Do a no-footed can can (throw both legs over the top tube of the frame while in the air), only twist your body at your hips so that your left leg is on the right side and your right leg is on the left (assuming that you throw your legs to the right side of your bike).

KICKOUT While in the air, swing the back of your bike to the right or left using your legs, then bring it back in quickly. The farther out you can swing it, the better.

LIQUID SWORD Ride toward the jump, and when in the air, jump off your bike to the left side. At the same time, let go of the left grip and grab it with your right hand. Push the front left peg backwards with your right foot, making the bike do a flip. When it is back to its regular position, get on it and land.

LOOKDOWN While in the air, have your left foot forward. Pull up on the handlebars, and lean to the right. Turn the bars to the right, and move your body along with them so that you are in a position where you can see the ramp you took off from. Turn the bars and return to your original position before landing.

NAC-NAC The opposite of a can-can, as the name shows. Swing the back of the bike to the right. Take your right foot and swing it around the back wheel. Your foot should be pointing to the left now. Can be done vice versa.

NO-FOOTER Pull your feet off of the pedals while you are in the air, and put them back on the pedals before landing. Start small!

NO-FOOT CAN-CAN Do a can-can, only throw both of your legs over the top tube.

NO-HANDER When in the air, get your bike as close to vertical as possible. Stick your handlebars in your lap and throw your hands up in the air. When you get them back to the bars, level the bike out and land. A variation would be to throw your arms out to the side, so they are parallel to the ground.

ONE-FOOTER Take one foot off of the pedal, kick it out to the side, place it back on the pedal, and land.

ONE-HANDER A pretty simple trick. Just take a hand off of your handlebars, extend your arm, put it back on your bars, and land.

ROCKET AIR While you are in the air, put both of your feet on the back pegs. The back of the bike will drop. When you return to the pedals to land, make sure you push the front of the bike down to even it out.

SUICIDE Take your hands off of the grips while you are in the air and throw them up and out to the side, parallel to the ground. A suicide-clapper is when you clap your hands behind your back while in the air.

SUPERMAN While in the air, throw your legs out behind the bike, and extend them as far as you can. Keep your hands on the handlebars, and pull yourself back in after extending. The object is to get your body just about parallel to the ground, so you look like you are flying through the air like Superman. A more popular version is the Superman Seat Grab, where you keep one hand on the bars and put one on the seat and do a superman.

TABLETOP To do a tabletop, push your handlebars to the right side of your body and turn them to the left at the same time. Use your legs to push the back of your bike up and to the left. The key is to get the bike into a horizontal position. The trick can be done to the other side too-just reverse everything.

TOBOGGAN While in the air, push down on your front end. While you are doing this, turn your handlebars 90 degrees. Take your left hand off of the handlebars and grab your seat. Make sure you are leaning back so the bike can get in a vertical position. To land, grab the bars with the hand that was on the seat, level out the bike, and land. Can be done vice versa.

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