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I. General Background

So, where in the world is the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent?

Locate India and Pakistan on a globe or in an atlas to see where they are in relation to where you live.

Want to see where these countries are in the continent of Asia?
CIA Fact Book

Now check out a concise introduction to the two neighbors in, "The Encarta Online Encyclopedia":


Now that you know some basics about the location of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, introduce yourself to some more details about the two countries.

Don't take my word for it. Ask the CIA. It is their business to know everybody's business. They will give you hard facts and figures about every aspect of Pakistan and India, including military and government data.

Tired of facts?

Embark on colorful journey through the streets and markets of the subcontinent. See the ancient historical attractions?
"Lonely Planet" offers you this and much more about the rich culture and hospitable people. You even get beautiful slides to share with friends and family back home. So pack your bags and grab your passport because you are about to catch the next flight to

Destination Pakistan
Destination India!

Want to see it all on one page? Side by side and all together?
You can get it here. Pictures of the founders, the leaders, the politicians, the flags and even the national flowers, right next to each other in
Two Nations-One Culture

Feeling nostalgic?

Take a walk down memory lane and enter the 1940's:

India Turns 50: The Times Looks Back
This amazing New York Times site offers you the rare opportunity to read about key events on India's road to independence from 1947 till 1997.
The Photo Gallery gives you a look at photos that capture historic moments in India's past.
This special issue also has a compilation of articles about Pakistan's 50th anniversary as well as links to sites about the culture and government of the region.

Time Out for Questions!

Do you have some questions jumping around in your mind?

Brainstorm those questions with a partner and try to come up with your own answers before going ahead with the quest.

Now write down at least three questions to which you are searching for answers.

Just remember the questions should be of a high quality and should not have 'yes' or 'no' answers.
For some ideas, go back to the Question section.

That's right: Questions 1 ..... 2 ..... and 3 .....


Ready to continue your research?

Find out what these two countries have been up to the past 52 years, since their birth in August, 1947?

How can siblings born within hours of each other turn into bitter enemies immediately?
How can this rivalry continue to worsen even after they turn 50?

Visit this site for answers to these questions.
India and Pakistan - Fifty Years of Independence

Then click on this site.

Sibling Rivalries: Conflict runs deep
Visually appealing and analytical, this site traces the roots of the rivalry between the siblings, India and Pakistan, and gives you both nations' points of view.
Treat yourself to the sights and sounds of the subcontinent by checking out the Multimedia option. Have fun! Listen to the national anthems of both countries and watch a historical slide show.

Cheer someone up and even make new friends! Send an Independence Day greeting to Pakistanis and Indians to celebrate the birth of their nations on August 14th and 15th, 1947 by visiting

Blue Mountain Arts

Are you wondering about what wars the two neighbors - India and Pakistan have fought and why?
Guess what?
You are invited by the History Guy to jump into the battle field.

Indo-Pakistani Wars and Conflicts
The Guy has made a chart for you to see at glance which wars they have fought, when and why. With just a click you are instantly linked to the latest news of cross-border conflicts in Kashmir.

Hearing and seeing is believing. Right?

Well you can hear eyewitness accounts and see videos of action on the borders of Kashmir while also reading objective, organized and unprejudiced reports.
Amazing photographs and the Picture Gallery give you a flavor of the action.
If you want the chance to air your opinions, do so on Talking Point which lets you debate this controversial issue with people from all over the world. Go for it!

Conflict in Kashmir
Q & A
Troubled Relations

Ready for a challenge?

Are you satisfied with nothing less than the most up to the minute and unbiased news coverage?
Turn to the next site to read detailed articles for deeper and more advanced analysis.

By the way don't forget to use your Online Dictionary to look up difficult words.

The articles evaluate the state of affairs and offer explanations of why tensions have reached such a peak.
You will also find out what the role of the US has been in this dispute.
With links to several well-written and researched articles about the issues you will be placed at the pulse of the events as they unfold in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent.

India and Pakistan prepare for a wider war

A must read on this site is
Gathering war clouds in South Asia

Want a break from the complex approach to the India Pakistan issue?

Take a peek at a site that has a map of the disputed territory.

This site's got brief and easy to understand information about the nuclear race, its implications and the history of the conflict. Find out how India and Pakistan have brought the world closer to the nuclear armageddon. It's colorful, easy to maneuver and has helpful links.

India Pakistan Nuclear Stand off

Time Magazine did a cover feature at the height of the crisis about the roles of the Pakistan and Indian armies.
South Asia: Death in the Clouds

This story is a must read because it offers a human perspective and first hand experiences of a soldier who has seen it all.
A Soldier's Story

Experience the war ravaged area and don't forget to flip through the Photo Essay: Life on the Line on this page.
Kashmir Ghost Town

Get some idea of Public Opinion by checking out this Time Mag poll.
LOC Poll

Want to know it all about Kashmir? The sites going to deliver. Facts, opinions, reports, resolutions, pacts, agreements, articles, research, discussions, and further links on the Kashmir issue all in one place.
What more could you ask for?

Quiz Time

Now that you have visited several sites, it is time to take two quick
News Quest Quizzes
to test your own knowledge about India and Pakistan.

What's your most important question about Pakistan and India that's missing from these quizzes?

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