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Background For Everyone

Pakistan and India, two countries tied by the umbilical cord just as twins are at birth,
were then separated due to religious differences, political ambitions or circumstantial expediencies.

They have suffered as a result of this bitter sibling rivalry.

Pakistan and India have fought three wars.
Having recently joined the nuclear club they have been on the verge of a fourth war.

In a world rife with war and conflict, a world capable of self-destructing through the use of nuclear technology, it is crucial to build bridges of understanding.

By participating in this quest you will have the opportunity to prevent future warfare and destruction.
You will play the role of ambassadors your goal will be to resolve conflict and bring about cooperation and peace.

No region in the world is separate from the other. What happens in one country impacts the rest of the world, particularly if those countries have nuclear capability.

Is the next Hiroshima going to be Bombay?
Is Karachi going to be obliterated like Nagasaki was?

Not if you take charge and decide to prevent such events from happening.

Nostradamus had predicted that there would be a major world disaster in
July nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.

Will we be spared?

Let's find out by going on this quest together.

Dive into the following Internet sites and find out about the past, the present and the future of this important South Asian region.

Discover how the conflicts there can have an impact on the entire global community.

The Background section is divided into two parts:
Search the General Background information and also read about the Peace Process Information.



Since some of the readings will be challenging, look up difficult words by accessing the
Online Dictionary

Or look at a print dictionary in your classroom. Some meanings can be determined from context clues.

For example, here are some important terms that you will want to know:

Line of Control Partition Negotiation
Subcontinent Simla Agreement Plebiscite
Nuclear Nonproliferation Peace Bilateral
Mujahideen Consensus Mediate

Here's the Encarta Online Encyclopedia that allows you to search.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Here goes!