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Serendipity Poets
Cheyenne, Wyoming

(This page is authored and maintained by Michael Riversong)

Welcome to the Serendipity Poets page! We are a small group of poets living in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our goal is to encourage poetry to be disseminated more widely in our area. We also have noticed that Cheyenne is getting to be quite a poetry center, and we are fostering that growth.

We help put together readings in our area. Most of the time, we have a reading on the last Saturday night of each month. You can call Ed Warsaw at (307)635-4725 for more information about our schedule.

On the first and third Sundays of each month, we have meetings at the Serendipity Building on 28th and Randall. These meetings are also open readings in a relaxed atmosphere, where we can make constructive suggestions for improvements. We also publish anthologies whenever we get that organized.

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December 1997


December 1998



$10.00 regular edition, $15.00 for deluxe edition.

See below for ordering address. Please email us if you mail in a check for faster service. Make checks payable to "Serendipity Poets of Cheyenne".

Veterans Poetry Books Now Available

as of July 1, 2000! One of our members, Russell Telander, has put together an anthology of poetry in honor of United States War Veterans. Many poets from all over Wyoming are included. This is a unique project -- there is nothing like it anywhere else in the USA. All proceeds from the sale of this work go directly to the World War II Memorial Fund. To order your copy, mail directly to:
Russ Telander
1314 Blossom Ct.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007
or call him at (307)638-2526


Ed Warsaw

Elizabeth Durbin

Mike Dieters

Eno Nevsky

Russell L. Telander

Rebecca Marlene Siemsen

Michael Riversong



Webmaster for this site is:

Michael Riversong
P.O. Box 2775
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003


To order copies of our anthologies, mail checks to the above address.

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