Bandytown is a very small town named after the late George "Bandy" Green who was an early settler on the West Fork .  Years ago, Bandytown had also been known as "Chap" for Chapman Miller, a local merchant and postmaster.  Bandytown is  located in Boone County, West Virginia approximately 18 miles from Madison, WV.  The exact location of Bandytown is 3756'26"N 8138'24"W.  There are approximately seventy homes* located in Bandytown and over 121 residents.  The people of this town is what makes Bandytown such a great place to live.  Most of these people have lived here all of their lives and wouldn't want to call anywhere else home.  Everyday more people are discovering what Bandytown has to offer and learning why it's one of Boone County's best kept secrets.  We just can't emphasize it enough that "there's just no place like Bandytown".  

    There are also many children who reside in Bandytown and enjoy all of the excitement.  There are numerous ATV trails, a basketball court, fishing areas, areas for skating/rollerblading,  and plenty of other places to keep them occupied.  There are two public schools located only six miles from Bandytown: Van Elementary School and Van Junior/Senior High School.  The students who attend Van High get to experience the "family" at Van Junior/Senior High school.  This is a small public school where everyone knows everyone else and everybody seems like family.  Van High also offers some of the best educational programs in the state.

Bandytown has two churches: The Bandytown Church of Christ and The Martha Freewill Baptist Church and also three cemeteries: Greene Cemetery, Jarrell Cemetery, and Midferrell Cemetery.

* The song playing in the background is called "God Bless Bandytown" by local singer Sue Baire.  This song is part of Sue and Johnie Baire, Jr.'s CD titled "God Bless Bandytown" .  This CD also features nine other great songs. 2002 Sue Baire  

For more information or to purchase this album contact Sue Baire at or write to her at Box 15 Bandytown, WV 25204 or email us at and we will help you get you a CD.

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*Includes abandoned and empty residential establishments (last census 03/19/07).