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Yep!  That's me!  (drawn by Ahdeyah, colored by Nefret)

'Ello! Welcome to Macavity's Lair! My name's Nefret. Macavity's my papa. Even though I live with the Jellicles and all, they still let me come over and visit Papa. Would you like to have a tour? Papa doesn't usually like guests around, but if you're with me then you're safe. Come on!

The Throne Room - *giggle* Well, that's what I like to call it. Papa calls it his 'audience chamber.' I'm not sure if I can pronounce that, so the throne room it remains!

The Tunnels - These are the tunnels that connect to the outside world. There's lots to explore - I just wish my parents would let me!

The Sewers - The sewers can take you all over the city - as long as you don't get lost! (in other words, webrings)

Macavity: the Mystery Cat - This is my Papa's song. It tells of all his amazing deeds and his infamy amoung..certain..organizations.

Nefret the Kitten and Her Creator - Here you can learn about me the kitten and me the person, if you want to. Just keep an open mind about you as you go, that's all I ask. *mischevious grin*

Desdemona, Nefret's sister Like Father, Like Daughter? - This is my story, and I must say, I'm rather proud of it! :-) It might not be the most interesting story in the world, but it's mine, and that just makes all the difference.

Nefret's Award for Purrrrfection - Yep! It's my own award! It's really pretty. If you want to win it, go ahead and take a look; it can't hurt!

The Henchcat Arena - Life can get quite dull down here from time to time, so every so often we have a tournament! It's really fun, so step inside and watch the festivities!

Raddlebain's Library - Raddle is an older henchcat, but he's also one of the nicest, sweetest cats you'll ever meet! His library is full of interesting items. Come on in! Who knows, maybe you'll want to donate to his collection?

The Trophy Room - This is where Papa keeps all his things that he has earned (and stolen) over the years. Check out the pretty awards that Macavity's Lair has been, well, awarded!

Xarion's Dryer - This is where my friend Xarion lives when he's not at home with his humans. He's a magical cat, and sometimes he conjures up things for me. Who knows, perhaps he can conjure up something for you!

Proud Children of Macavity - Are you a proud son or daughter of Macavity and want to show it? This is the place for you then!

Thanks: a humongous thanks to Jemimus for letting me (and everyone) borrow his pictures from the video. The above picture of Nefret was drawn by Ahdeyah and colored in by me. You can get the black and white sketch at her site. THANKS!!
Jellicles Against Anti-Macavityism Disclaimer: Macavity's Lair is a non-profit website devoted to Macavity and 'Cats'. 'Cats' is the copyright property of ALW and RUG. 'Cats' is based on the book 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats' by T.S. Eliot.
If you have any questions/comments/complaints, please email me!

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