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Everybody loves the original DB/Z/GT story, but some of us want more, and so FANFICTION was created. Yes, glorious fanfiction, one of my favorite things on the web, and I didn't even think of making a section for in here until a nice writer who goes by the name of Star Otaku e-mailed me one of her fics. You can all thank her. Now, with out any more of my rambling, the fanfics.

Where to?

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Motherly Love By Star Otaku- (This is the fanfic mentioned above.) ChiChi has a baby on the way and her father's a bit concerned. For once, we hear about that missing person in ChiChi's life, her mother.

Face the Music By Star Otaku- This is sort of a song fic, but not really. After Goku leaves to train Ubuu, he grows apart from his wife, but, thanks to Bulma, they're going to spend a night together that they won't soon forget.

Goten's Short-n-Sweet By Me ^.^- I'm a very lazy writer, and this will prove it. It is cute though.
A Ghostly Visitor By Royal Vegeta - After being "shoo"ed out of the house, Goten decides to take a walk, but finds a little more than he bargained for.
*NEW* Part II By - Yet another advancement(?) to the story. This is going to turn in to a tree fanfic before long.

If Tomorrow Never Comes By Me - Now, I'm not just a lazy writer, but I'm a lazy page operator. Anywho, this is one of my sweeter fanfics. It's late at night and Goku does some thinking about when he leaves for the Cell Games.

Girl's Night OutBy Star Otaku - A long fan-fic, but, worth the read. Bulma, 18, and ChiChi go out for a night(day) on the town and leave the 'daddies' with the kids. Read on to find out what mayhem little Bra can cause with a 911 call.

Metamorphosis MAJIN!!By SSJ ChiChi - Finally, a ChiChi kicks some major butty fic. Jagen orders you all to read ChiChi in her proper glory!

Sold Out! By Star Otaku - I'm sure you've all heard of all the corny commercials that the DBZ chars have done, well, here's Star's take on a few of them.

A Night on Fire Mountain By Star Otaku - A Halloween fic. ^.^ (No, it hasn't been sitting in my inbox that long) The whole gang is getting together for a little party and to start the festivities ChiChi starts to tell a story about the tower. From there it's all down hill!

Strange Disease By Star Otaku - I've not heard of the group that sings this song, but it's a very cool song. Yamcha and Bulma have a little talk after the big break up, with a little bit of lyrics to it.

Sucks to be You By Star Otaku - Another songfic! This one sorta takes place during the bar scene of Girl's Night Out. Also by the group who sings Strange Disease.

The First Night By Valerie - It's their first night as a married couple and ChiChi and Goku are going to hit it off right. This one's not for the little kiddies folks.

Goodbye, Chichi... By Valerie - After Goku has left to train Ubuu, Chichi falls fatally ill. Now, Goku has returned home to a dying wife and a heart full of regret. Get your cleanex ready, this one's a bit of a tear jurker.

Coming to Terms
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 By SSJ Chi-Chi - Who says Goku and ChiChi's Relation ship isn't on the rocks? SSJ Chi-Chi gives her view of what's going on between them.

Marron's Sacrifice Chapter 2Chapter 3 By Valerie - Summer has come and the next generation of the Z-Universe (Pan, Bra, Marron, Trunks, and Goten) are all heading out for some rest and relaxation. *Beware the tear jurkers.*

Dear Goku By Maria Cline - ChiChi writes a letter to Goku explaining what has happened after his death in the Cell Saga.

Goku's Soulmate By Valerie - ChiChi is caught in bed with someone other than Goku, and it's up to Bulma and Veggie-Boy to help Goku through. About 100 Times By Chichi Chibi - A poem from Yamcha to Bulma. About the break up and all that other good stuff.

No More Tears By Astera - The first part of what I think is going to be a great little series of fics ^.^ Thus far, there is a lot of odd things happening and I wanna know what comes next.

Goku's Return to ChiChi By LadyBulma - After Freeza's defeat at the hands of Trunks, Goku returns home to ChiChi.

An Unexpected Guest By Lady Bulma - Sort of an "What If?" for after GT. It's really very sweet.

That's it for now, I hope to get more of Star Otaku's work and some of yours out there...Get the message?