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Interview with Amanda Unetich

Picture from Amanda's Myspace Page

JM: I actually have Someone who works on the film section of the web site but since I've gotten to know you personally ... this is my first Time Interviewing an inspired actress, is this your first Interview to talk about your career & Goals?

AU: Yes, and I am pretty excited:)

JM: What made you decide acting is what you wanted to do with your life?

AU: When I was younger I always wanted to be performing on stage...school plays, video Cameras and I would constantly be wanting to entertain those around me by making up my own little plays:) I see it as a chance to meet incredible people with whom I can relate to in many different ways. I feel complete on stage as if I can show all the emotion inside of me and all eyes are on my watching me let everything out makes me feel like I am capturing people in a way that touches there heart & mind. I love people, I love having a chance to really see the world & in acting u travel to so many great places!! I love to be on the move that is just the style i like. I have a connection with people and I felt I could use my gifts as a lifelong career.

JM: When I first Met you, I knew you were a Big fan of the NBC Hit drama Days of our Lives... but recently you got to audition and appear on the show once...What's the experience like working with the show and will we see you on a full time role?

AU: The Experience was Awesome!!! I love the people are so down to earth and real. They are like family and they are there for one another through all of there parts! Its amazing how well everyone works together! And I found out most of them are very good friends in life so it makes the connection on the show that much more intense and you can actually see the bond they have for one another. Also they made me feel like I was apart of the family to:) Smiles everywhere and acceptance it was great:) and I actually quit being nervous...

I am going to definitely keep in contact with them and they are doing there best to get me a main part! Which is so cool:) I am going to a convention in July in LA which NBC will be there...so I am going to do a soap role with a professional actor for a certain roles they are looking for! I am excited. I was invited to go and I feel good about it:)

JM: You went for the role of Chelsea Bo and Hope's daughter who killed there son Zach.... what happen there and what are your thoughts on how her character turned out?

AU: Well, I was supposed to go to the audition but did not have the means to do it at that time so I backed off..thinking to myself wow this sucks and I thought it ruined my chances of being great...I am dramatic sometimes lol....well when I finally saw how the role unfolded I was torn inside because Bo and Hope are my all time favorite couple on Daytime and I could NOT break them apart even in acting. The character turned out to be not what I expected and I see this as a sign that maybe that was not the role I was meant to have. That would have been so lame to have that part...I am sorry to say but that was a heart wrenching story that's tears me up inside every time I think of it.

JM: You had a sit down conversation with Drake who plays the Popular John Black of Days of Our lives ... can you explain your experiences sitting down with a long time DOUL Actor?

AU: He is so amazing!! Very down to earth guy who loves his family and loves what he does. He is a great actor I believe and he worked hard for it. He was telling me everything he had to go through till he finally got the role of John Black. They had him attend at least 3 extra months of acting classes before he could play the part they told him. He was telling me how he was going to play for the Yankees but because of a hurt leg fate changed his course! I would say. I felt so excited, nervous and fulfilled all at once. I mean this is the great JOHN BLACK!!!! He's so dedicated and loves his job. I appreciate his honesty and the guidance he's given me has made me not give up on my dream

JM: My favorite Actress is Alison Sweety who portrays as Sammy Brady.. The Ultimate Bad girl you love to hate .... did you get the opportunity to meet her and if yes how was that experiences

AU: Yes, I did!!!!!! She is actually pretty cool in person and as sweet as can be. Hard to believe from her Character I know....she is a great actress and told me when she first came on the show she had a lot of issues with acting but got better as time went on. She loves to Ski. She is very social and uplifting. I love a lot. I only talked to her for a bit but it meant a lot to me cause she's great!

JM: May I ask why being on daytime drama is what you want to start off with?

AU: First off is because I have watched "Days" since I was about 5 yrs old! Meaning they are like my family already because you can say I grew up with them. I remember episodes from the 80's to now! I am experienced in that area and have had a lot of practice with Soaps. So I figured if I am good at Soaps I might as well go for my favorite one, right? So I chose "Days" so I can finally be with the people I have watched for so long and work with them.

JM: You are currently going to film school right here in Pittsburgh ... how is that going for you?

AU: It's going great! I take night classes and it has made me more confident in my abilities. I've met amazing people there! My teachers and instructors have been awesome and they got the connections with what you call "The Big People" lol. I am one of there favorites actually they must really believe in me:)

JM: Have you done any other work in the entertainment field other than Days of our Lives?

AU: Yes I did a Jergans Moisturizer Commercial

JM: Your also a poetry writer and plan to one day publish your poetry ... What are some of your poetry based on?

AU: My poetry is based on my life. I have a plenty of poems on just about any main topic such as Love, Loss, Pain, Inspirational. You name it I probably got it lol. Whatever I go through and feel in my life I turn it into a poem. And I have been for 11 yrs now!

JM: We both recently had a deep conversation about the attack of 911 that changed the world... is there anything you would like to say to the family and friends of the ones who passed on that tragic day?

AU: Yes, I am sorry for your loss. Nothing and no one could ever undo the hurt you must feel over a loved one you care about that passed, and I would give anything to undo it and if that was my one wish I would wish to undo what happened but since I cannot I am always remembering you in my prayers and wishing you all the happiness life can bring. I wish you a peace of mind from this chaotic world we live in.

JM: do you have any advice for young people who have the same dreams as you do?

AU: Go for it!! Nothing is unreachable..you just have to believe in something with all of your heart and it will come true:) I used to say when I was a kid and I quote "I'm going to be on "Days" someday" and I recall my family laughed and said "you have big dreams." I wanted it so bad that I went after my dream...did whatever I could. Work 2 jobs if you have to just go for it!

JM: Closing thoughts?

AU: I had big dreams when I was a little girl. I at times said it so much I started to believe it myself and I feel that is what you have to do in order to become exactly what you want to become:) I appreciate these questions and this interview it meant a lot to me. I will always remember my good friends and will always stay loyal to my family and friends throughout my life no matter what I am always here:). love you all.

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Quick Highlights

--Appeared on Days of our lives several times

-- Jergans Moisturizer Commercial

--runs a christian broadcast on youtube

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview Date: May 6, 2006

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