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I just want to apologize to everyone for the lack of updates on this site as of recently. I do have more interviews to put up, but due to some personal problems that have complicated my life, I Haven't been able to spend much time online. I hope to have these problems sorted out and taken care of in the near future. Thank you for your continued support.
~Webmistress Jami

Hi everyone! I'm glad you could make it to my Wrestling Box. *grin* I'm a huge fan of Wrestling, all sorts. And I'm really getting into some of the Indy Fed stuff, so I thought I'd make a webpage about it. I hope to include interviews with different people, pictures, and all sorts of stuf f. Not just on the Indy Fed, but on the WWE too. Or other Developmental Feds. And in reference to the webpage addy, Jeff Hardy is my favorite WWE Wrestler, so, I had to make sure he was a major player in this webpage. *grin*

And no, I am not in anyway affiliated with the WWE, or any of the superstars. Nothing on this webpage is endorsed by anyone in the World Wrestling Entertainment, or any other federation. These are my thoughts and opinions. The interviews are exclusive if they say they are, so you will have to have my permission to use it on any other site. Same with the exclusive pictures. Thanks.

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3-21-03: Site Updates and What To Expect in the Next Couple Weeks

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Exclusive Interviews

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The Tables Have Been Turned: An Interview with the webmistress, Jami

Going Through A Creative Table: An Interview with Mike!

My Wrestling Encounter Pics from April 2002

My Wresting Encounter Pics from September 2002

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Please be warned that this site is still new and will be added to in the near future.

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