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Wrestler Finisher Description
Adam Michaels Head-On Collision Modified Flatliner
Kaos Kidd Wings of Kaos Top Rope Moonsault
Airbourne Dislocation Modified Jumping Flatliner
Krazy Josh The Posession Twisting Suplex into Front Neckbreaker
"The Mastermind" Steven Bell The New Masterplan Scoop Slam Reverse DDT
Andrew Dalton Dalton Driver Bareback
Majestic Majestic Presence Modified Sleeper Drop
Rio Rojo Rio Grande Reverse Headlock into Reverse DDT
Ultimo Astro Ultimate Destination Eye of the Hurricane
Excelente Astro Excellent Decapitation Impaler
Extraño Chipolte Southwest Driver Top Rope Flipping Front Neckbreaker
Fantastico Fantastic Decimation Flying Squirrel
Death Touch of Death Palm Touch



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