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History of GCW


If you're Reading this then that means one of three things.

1.You don't have a job or any other responsibilities.
2.You have a job and/or responsibilities but choose to ignore them.
3.You are interested in this thing known as GCW.

Well to start to understand GCW you must understand who we are or rather, and more importantly, who we're not. We ARE NOT Backyard Wrestlers.

"Well you wrestle in your backyard dontcha?" Okay you got us there. But I stand by my statement. Now as long as you can understand that you may continue with this History of GCW. For those who do not: Start over and try again.

Now who we ARE:

Patrick Wallace:
His House, His Ring, His Camera, His Website. The Owner of GCW. GCW is him and he is GCW. More precisely wrestling is him and he is wrestling. He's admitted to me on many occasions to drifting off in school to book shows for GCW. He's the only one of us who has any right to call himself a wrestler. And believe me one day you'll all know his name.

Steven Bell:
Me. A Mastermind. A Madman. Originally I had no intent in wrestling. I was gonna leave it to the other guys. At some point I got sucked in. I would not call myself a wrestler. In fact filmmaking is my passion. If we had no camera I wouldn't do it. It's like each week I get to make a movie. To me story always come first. I'm not too interested if the match sucked as long as the story was believable.

Andrew Wallace:
Patrick's nephew. Probably the most popular GCW superstar. He's only eight but he can wrestle better than probably 99% of all the "Backyarders" out there. It scares me a little seeing this little kid get in the ring and knowing how bad it would be if he was hurt but to date he's probably got hurt less than anyone.

Steven Lewis:
What would GCW be without him? Boring. Actually without him there probably wouldn't have been a GCW. All the best stuff about him is really in tapes. Whether he sucked or was great he always looked like he was having fun. Now if only he'd come back...

Charles "Primetime" Vaughn:
What time is it? It's...his time. Of the original main five he was the last to come and the last for me to meet. He often did have an attitude problem. An attitude, which eventually led to his leaving us. But when it was good it was good.

There are of course others but I'll talk about them later.

Ok. So now you know who we are and are not. The next question is why are we?

Part 1(pre-EHWA):In the Beginning

Chapter 1:Giving the Finger

I've known Patrick for 8 years. When I met him Andrew was just taking his first steps. I was 11 and he was 8. In the beginning it was comic books and The Smashing Pumpkins. Good clean mindless fun. We also like to make home movies. We had comedy but mostly we had horror. And much like in GCW our movies had a lot of dialogue. We seriously would just put the camera on and have no action just us talking for hours.

The one day around Feb/March of '98 something incredible happened. Stone Cold Steve Austin gave Mike Tyson the finger. It really was fate and honestly if we'd been doing anything other than flicking the channels on a Saturday morning things could've ended up very different.

At that point I don't think either of us were hooked but we certainly were interested. At some point Patrick also became obsessed with ICP and by the time they showed up with the Oddities in the WWF he was hooked and I followed not too long after.

At some point Patrick's friend Steven Lewis started hanging around a bit more and was also into ICP and wrestling. The Trio plus one had formed. The stars were aligned and the time had come.

Chapter 2:The Next Level

So get this: At first we were gonna wrestle in the house. Actually scratch that. At first we wrestled in the house. Why did we think that somehow it would to wrestle on furniture? To hell if I know. But we did. There were early attempts at storylines and story writing. I remember everyone had a dozen characters they were going to play (mostly based on characters we created in wrestling video games.)

My memory of these events really isn't too good but eventually there were attempts are building rings in the backyard. But really our main practice was the track/old swimming pool down the street. There was little area where no one really goes since the swimming pool is closed and we went there for years before we wrestled there.

It was very dangerous but we did it because of our obsession with wrestling. We thought then as many "Backyarders" do. That somehow we could do something incredible and become famous. Some daring stunt. You've heard the Mick Foley thing before. All BYer's think they're gonna be Mick Foley. But you wanna be Mick Foley. I certainly don't.

Part 2:GBW (the Early Days)

Chapter 1:EHW-What?

August/September 2000. Patrick bought a trampoline with a net but at the time kept it a secret to me (I was out of town.) Patrick was sick of Efeds and wanted something real. So he created the EHWA. The Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Association. Yeah bet you thought it was gonna be Alliance.

The first EHWA (actually in front of an audience of his family) was not taped. It was Heatwave Bash on August the 4th 2000. Patrick was Kidd Xtreme, Lewis was Suicidal Eclipse, and Andrew just dropped his first name and went by his middle and last names (Damon Wallace.)

I can't comment on the show honestly but it probably sucked. But to them it was probably great.

At that Show the first World Champion was crowned in Kidd X-Treme.

My first show to attend was September Fall Revenge. I commented and did the music. Otherwise I had no creative influence whatsoever. I wasn't interested.

SFR also saw the debut of Wallace (aka Charles Raymond Wallace, one of Patrick's brothers.)

This show sucked too..but at the time it was great. This would be the last show with an audience for a while. Oh and Kidd Xtreme beat Suicidal Eclipse for the world title at this show for those keeping track.

Chapter 2:The Bikes and Yikes (we sucked)

Backyard Face-Off is technically an EHWA show. But luckily I couldn't remember the fed's name so I didn't say. So we pass it off as a GBW (a bit on the name in a sec) show.

This was my wrestling debut and it was also the first taped show. My name was "The Mastermind" Steven Bell. This show really sucks. I can say that very honestly. There's an ok ladder match between me and Suicidal Eclipse (where I won the Intercontinental Title) but that's pretty much it. It was the beginning of the infamous "Bike Feud" between Eclipse and Damon Wallace.

GBW: Gladewater Backyard Wrestling. A name I came up while chatting with Patrick. I reasoned that A. We were in Gladewater. B. In his backyard. C. Wrestling. The truth is always best. Plus there's just a ring to GBW. Of course now we hate the name. But such is life.

Anyway the first seven taped shows were all bad. They had they're moments though. When Suicidal Eclipse beat Damon Wallace in their first Bike Match it is (now at least) shocking to see SE win (Damon later won.) Plus the majority of Wallace's matches were during this time (he was even world champion for a time but the title was stripped from him and given to Damon Wallace.)

Oh and I changed my name to "The Madman" Steven Bell.

Chapter 3:Escaping from Hell and the First Climax

From the first 4 months Escape from Hell is the only show I can really recommend. It's probably best known for the debut of Primetime C aka Charles "Primetime" Vaughn. The biggest mystery at this show is why he goes back and forth between wrestler and referee and no one seemed to notice the difference. It was the first show since the EHWA days to have fans (one of whom would later become one of us...)

It also introduced a short-lived gimmick where people paid me to attack someone they didn't like. Too bad we dropped it.

Gladewater Climax was truly meant to be our Wrestlemania. One problem: It was cold. November-February is hands down the worst time to be doing any activity outside. So our performance sucked like all the ones before it. Only we really weren't enjoying as much.

By the end of the year everyone was going by different names.

Kidd Xtreme had become "Sensational" Patrick Wallace. Suicidal Eclipse had become Xtreme Eclipse. And Damon Wallace lost a loser changes his name match to me and became Essa (despite being very white.)

Part 3:Censorship and the World of Madness

Chapter 1: Are you a man? No I am Mouse Man.

January 2001 was, I Think, really the turning point for GBW. It saw the debuts of: Stinger Ray (aka Mouse Man aka Vince Lopez) Big Timer (more on him in a minute) Lil'C (get to him too)

And Steven Lewis debuted a new character Psycho 187. Oh and some mexican named Ultimo Astro showed up drunk one day and wanted to wrestle. So we were like ok. And yes I know who Ultimo REALLY is...but I'm not saying. Come on there's gotta be SOME secrets. But Ultimo really is a cool guy.

January Revolution was the debut of Stinger Ray and the debut of the Hardcore Title (which the Mousey captured in a hardcore title tournament.) I also won back the GBW commissionership that I've failed to talk about thus far. But back then it didn't mean much. I started being the Commish then it eventually ended up with Xtreme Eclipse who I won it back from.

Xtreme Eclipse and I were feuding over the world title at the time. And this thing called the World of Madness also formed. It was our first real planned out storyline. The idea was this: It was to be a trio of bad guys. The Madman, Patrick Wallace, and Primetime C.

It would look like I was the leader but then turn out that Patrick was the leader then I would turn on Patrick and become a face again. Didn't really work out that way though.

Chapter 2:What time is it? - Big Timer

I don't remember why Darius was over the weekend when we did Devastation (1/20/01) but he was and that's what's important. Darius Lewis was "trained" by Steven Lewis(no relation, ha) and became known by and has in fact always been known by Big Timer. Really aside from that first training session everything he's done has been just him. Even I'm intimidated by him when I get in the ring.

By this time the World of Madness had formed and Stinger Ray became Phoenix. Things were really starting to get good. We really loved it.

Then the next week probably the best show of the first 6 months took place, Warning!

Chapter 3:The End of Madness

Warning! in my book is a classic even now. It had the debut of Big Timer's real life little brother Lil' C (Craven Lewis) not to mention the first ever Lumberjack Match that resulted in a new world champion (Xtreme Eclipse beat me) and the fall of the World of Madness.

Also around this time Wallace revealed that he was the owner. He became the person most talked about but least actually around.

So after that the team of Suicidal High Flyers (Suicidal Eclipse and Kidd Xtreme from the early days of GBW) reformed. Only this time they were Gladewater Backyard Censorship. Yes our great tribute to the RTC. They went by their real names and were very much hated by everyone. There were fans for a few of these shows and they got booed very loudly.

In other news Primetime C debuted his new bodyguard Big K (real name Kevin Clarke) and he made his in ring debut at Blood is Thicker than Water.

Blood is Thicker than Water is also a classic in it's own right. 4 matches and in one hour. And we did it without it being extremely boring. It had the first "First Blood" match (which I beat Patrick Wallace in) and an "I Quit" match between Steven Lewis(c) and Phoenix (it was a no contest since they both said "I Quit" at the same time.)

So I vacated the title.

Part 4:It Must've Been Fate

Chapter 1:The Tournament that never was and the X-Tremely Disappointing Spring Break

Word of advice: If you start a tournament for God's sake end it. We didn't. Intensity (2/24/01) had the first ever world title tournament. But we only did quarter finals at that show. Unfortunately Big Timer didn't show up the next week so we didn't continue the tournament.

But he DID show up at Xtreme Spring Break. So why didn't we continue it? Who knows? Who can remember? Not me. For some reason we just had a triple threat match. It was Flyer Xtreme (formerly Primetime C), Adam Michaels (formerly Patrick Wallace) and myself (as "The Mastermind" Steven Bell.)

I guess we felt it was Flyer's time because he won.

Chapter 2:Drug Tests and Ghetto Men

By the time April started Flyer Xtreme switched to Xtreme Flyer and joined with Essa to form Just Unstoppable.

At GBW Nightmare (4/7/01) Adam Michaels beat XF for the World Title.

Fate 4/14/01 is remembered for the shocking revelation that Frozen Eclipse (formerly Xtreme Eclipse) was really Psycho 187 and tricked Xtreme Flyer and kicked him out of Just Unstoppable. In the main event he also won the IC title, only to lose it to Big Timer the next week.

At Fate 4/21/01 Xtreme Flyer also fought Just Unstoppable and won.

So there are actually two different versions of Fallen Soulz ppv. One where the drug test takes place and one without. We are now acknowledging both however. I just recently saw the drug test show for the first time. It's actually pretty funny. We should do it again.

The second one wasn't all that great. It is the one, which is listed in the results section. It's only memorable for Stinger Ray's (he dropped Phoenix) first world title win.

This was a slow time for GBW. At the next Fate (5/19/01) I debuted my new name (The Rage) and The Unknown (real name Gary Green) and Ghetto Man (real name.umm...something). This was the shortest show ever. Patrick actually quit halfway through the show. I could've kept going but I wanted to quit too. After that I went out of town.

Chapter 3:The First Summer

The next show wasn't until the first ever Blood Rush on 6/30/01. Xtreme Flyer became Quik Money..then he became Impact. Yeah same show. He fought Essa in a name change match and they both pinned each other so they both had to change their names. Essa became Dagger (a name that Patrick used for awhile.)

Big Timer tasted gold at Fate 7/7/01 when he beat Stinger Ray for the world title.

I made my big return at GBW Adrenaline (7/14/01). Adrenaline is to date probably our best selling show. Don't know why. Actually I do..but not to get distracted... Frozen Eclipse ALSO returned. He had been gone for a couple of months. I booked Frozen and Adam in the now infamous street fight. Personally I think the match is overrated. But it is different so I suppose it stands out. For the first time since before EHWA we returned to our roots at the area by the track.

I also booked a match between me and Frozen, Loser Leaves GBW...but we forget to have the match...oops. But I did fight Adam in a commissionership match and he won. And if that wasn't enough I change back to "The Mastermind" Steven Bell after deciding that The Rage just wasn't working.

At the next Fate (7/21/01) Lil'C got lucky and won the IC title from Impact. Then at the Next Blood Rush (7/28/01) The Unknown loses a name change match against Adam Michaels and becomes The Phantom. Adam Michaels and Impact also temporarily created a new version of Gladewater Backyard Censorship.

At GBW Havok (8/4/01) I was once again out of town.

At Fate (8/11/01) I returned and formed a new version of Just Unstoppable with Dagger and we were awarded the tag team titles. We fought the new team of Dead Bodies (Impact and Adam Michaels) and successfully defended the titles.

Part 5:End of an Era

Chapter 1:Me Loco

Backyard Face-Off 2. The one-year anniversary of GBW. We knew we needed to show how much we had changed in a year. And we had. We had improved on all levels. Better stories. Better wrestling. Better filming.

So I had to fight a new mysterious wrestler named Loco (really being played by Charles "Primetime" Vaughn aka Impact.) Stinger Ray had to change his name to Shadow after I beat him in a ladder match (a call back to the original BYFO.)

The Main Event was a classic falls count anywhere IC title match between Adam Michaels and Impact. Adam retained but Impact really proved himself.

Chapter 2:Backyard No More

By this time we were REALLY tired of being associated with backyard wrestling. We didn't feel we were doing what all the other people were. Patrick has always just considered it practice. So we decided that's what it was.

And with the new attitude we needed a new name. The name that was decided was Gladewater Championship Wrestling. The first GCW show was Fall Crucifixion 2(9/29/01.)

It was as good as anything from this era. But one thing was definitely becoming noticeable. The tramp was dying.

Did I mention that Ultimo Astro won the world title?

Chapter 3:Death of a Dear Friend

GCW Oblivion (10/21/01) is the ultimate trampoline show. By this time I was the The Madman again and Kidd A had beaten Ultimo for the World title only to have Adam Michaels strip it from him.

There were too many great matches too mention at this show but the two main events where a Loser Leaves GCW (between me and Frozen..he won) and a 30-Minute Iron Man match (Frozen won that too)!

But the Tramp really was in horrible condition.

The last show we did was a Chair shots (just a practice thing we used to do but now is no longer recognized.) Two significant things happened at this show. 1.I was for the first time cut open by a pan. I ended the match and quickly took care of it. Luckily it was barely a cut at all and only seemed bad by the amount that I was bleeding. 2.I chokeslamed Impact and the Tramp crashed too the ground.

Part 6:A New Beginning and the End again

Chapter 1:The Ring

For at least a year there had been talk about building a ring. The weekend after Oblivion Patrick and his dad actually built one. I didn't know about since I wasn't there that weekend.

The next weekend we did our first show in the ring, GCW Plunging Into Sin (11/3/01). It featured the return of Big Timer, LilíC, and the Phantom. But it also didn't see the return of Impact. Impact wasn't being allowed to wrestle for us anymore.

I beat Adam in rehirement match (since I lost Frozen who didn't show up this week.)

Perhaps the thing it will be most remembered for is the first of a series of matches between Shadow and the Phantom. These were pretty brutal matches and featured the most intense shoulder tackle I've ever seen.

Chapter 2:Super Hero's and Fat People

So after Plunging Into Sin I was gone for 2 1/2 months. The longest time ever. I went to see my dad for Thanksgiving, then to Oklahoma to make a movie, the back to my dad's for Christmas, then finally managed to get home.

But in the meantime business continued in GCW. At GCW Bloodrush (12/1/01) 8-Ball (real name Kaelin) and Doughboy debuted. 8-Ball stuck around..Doughboy didn't..luckily. The less said about him the better. By this time Kidd Psycho was now Kidd A (Get it? Kidd Andrew?)

The next week at GCW Fate 12/8/01 8-Ball changed his name to Suicidal. And a boy named Cody started playing the Loco character...but his mask fell off ruining the gimmick. Patrick's cousin Dusty also played the character of Brad Michaels on the show and beat Adam Michaels in a name vs. name match.

Adam became Frostbyte.

Also debuting was Stone Cold Killer. Just like his brother, Doughboy, he sucked. Shadow's real life brother Dark Cloud also had a match at the show.

Gladewater Climax 2. It was time yet again. A two day, two tape event.

At day one Frozen Eclipse returned and became...Super Steve. The main event for Day 1 was Super Steve vs Frostbyte for the world title. Super Steve won by countout.

Day 2 saw the debut of Papa Roach. And Kidd A became Kidd Psycho again. But the biggest news of the show was the return of Impact who won the King of Hardcore Royal Rumble match.

There was actually a night version of GC2 but it was never made official and the tape is not available.

Chapter 3:The End

2002. We were already halfway into our second year. Patrick and Steven Lewis were starting wrestling school. GCW had begun to become tiresome. We just didn't think there was anywhere to go with it.

GCW Warning 2. Quite possibly the best show we've ever done. I made my long awaited return at this show (going as The Madman.) Impact became Hanglider and won the new U.S. Title (he'd end up being the only person to hold the title.)

The Main Event was me vs. Frostbyte (for the world title.) Frostbyte was supposed to win. We knew it was going to be over soon so he was going to go out the champ. But in the match Frostbyte got sprayed in the eye by some Aerosol (despite the cameraman calling it pepper spray.) He realized that he couldn't continue. So I powerbombed him to hell and won it.

Only I didn't realize that it was for the world champion.

Patrick: Youíre the world champion. Steven: I am?

I then announced that next week I was gonna have a huge announcement. And boy did I ever.

GCW 2002. The final GCW show ever (as was intended at least.) It was a one-day 2-tape event. It took an entire afternoon to film. My big announcement was that I had bought GCW from Wallace and was now going to shut the company down. I also made Hanglider the new commissioner.

But Frozen Eclipse (who dumped the Super Steve gimmick) beat him in a commissionership match right after.

We also did some neat little out of character interviews (even though Patrick forgot to stay out of character.)

Shadow became known as Destilation (what's the point of changing your name right before the last show?) He had another great match with the Phantom.

We then had a Worst Gimmick Battle Royal. I think the name speaks for itself. Damon Wallace (now Kidd Psycho) won.

The semi-main event was a 6 Way IC Ladder match that Frozen Eclipse won.

The Main Event was Tag Match between The Madman/Kidd Psycho (who turned on his partner and co tag champ Frostbyte) and Frostbyte and Frozen Eclipse. If Kidd and I won then GCW would close but if they won then it would continue. We won.

Part 7:Texas Wrestling Entertainment

Chapter 1:The Beginning

We had no intention of starting a new fed as quick as we did. But 2 weeks later we did. We realized we could not do it. But one thing we DID agree on is that GCW was dead and buried. We wanted to start fresh. Start good. Something we didn't do with GCW.

The idea was this. Patrick and I would be jobbers for once. We were tired of having to be the big superstars. TWE would also be different in that it would heavily focus on the entertainment show. And we spent a whole night writing the script for the first TWE Uncensored (2/16/02).

It was a pretty memorable show. We also decided there wouldn't be a ton of titles. Just a world title. And it would debut until the tournament at Survival the next week Superstar 33 won the title (formerly loco in GCW. The second Loco that is.)

Patrick was Maguire. I was Mark Daniels (Exec. Producer of TWE.) Charles "Primetime" Vaughn was Primetime "Geoff Kobe". And Andrew was Mr. MVP.

Steven Lewis had his last ever match (to date at least) as New York Steveo and lost to Maguire.

Chapter 2:The Middle and End

We built TWE around 3 things. There was also an opening Non-Wrestling ring segment. Patrick and I would always job. And the world title feud between Superstar 33 and "Primetime" Geoff Kobe.

But TWE just wasn't GCW. And those three couldn't save TWE from dying.

Which isn't to say that TWE sucked. It was as good as anything we ever did in GCW.

So Friday night 2/1/02 we decided that it was time for GCW to come back.

Part 8:Forget the Past

Chapter 1:A Punk Named STR

Forget the Past (2/2/02) was really great. So much happened. But it was all the original characters returning. Vince Lopez (Destilation) became Havok. And this little punk STR 2001 was around by this time (he had started in TWE.) Adam Michaels, Ultimo Astro, Kidd Psycho and the original Loco (Charles "Primetime" Vaughn) were back. Geoff Kobe became Kidd Chronik.

I started the show by announcing that I was GCW announcer Rob Randolf all along. And that TWE was just a thing I was doing until I could by the GCW name (I claimed I bought the company but not the gimmicks and names.)

The main event was a wild GCW Championship Gauntlet match that ended up involving the 24/7 title (nice little left over from TWE that we kept around.)

Chapter 2:Climax 3 and a new summer arrives.

Right now it's 4 days until Gladewater Climax 3 where I'm set to fight Adam Michaels in an ownership match (I turned on him at the last Fate.)

Primetime quit GCW. Possibly for good. Big Timer and Lil'C are back.

And STR 2001 gets shot on weekly (not weakly,weekly.)

And as was reported on the site, Mystery K has really broken his ankle and will be out for a while.

Chapter 3:The New World of Madness
Gladewater Climax 3 took place on 5/18/02. I beat Adam Michaels (as the Madman) and retained my Ownership of GCW.

The next week Primetime returned as The Storm. Turned out Mystery K DIDN'T really break his ankle.

We did a new drug test (I wasn't there for this actually) show, which was better than the first one.

I made my return and started up a new World of Madness. The first lineup of this new version was: The Madman, Kidd Psycho, and Havok. But Kidd Psycho turned on us and showed "Super Hero" The Storm WOM's lair. At that show The Storm won the GCW title but when I announced the drug test results it turned out The Storm failed and could not hold a title if he did not pass the test.

The next show came and WOM had a new lair. Cash Money (formerly Mystery K) and Ultimo Astro came to the new lair and asked if they could join the world of Madness. Havok wanted to just stab them with his knife but I decided they could be interns. Later on the show Havok and I cornered and stabbed Adam Michaels (not really. It was fake, believe me.)

The next show Havok also quit the World of Madness. And after that Cash Money stopped coming...

Part 9: GCW vs. IWA/The Ultimo-Fantastico Era of Wom

Chapter 1:Anarchy in Gladewater
So Crimson Anarchy arrived and it was eventful. In a major twist Adam Michaels quit GCW. And a new masked character, Mr. Fantastico, joined WOM.

The next week it was announced that Wallace had bought back half of GCW from The Madman. Havok all decided to call himself Triple X. That luckily did not last. The week after that The Phantom finally won the GCW title and joined the WOM as a bodyguard.

Adrenaline 2 came with little fanfare. Adam Michaels made his return and fought "Triple X" in a name change match and changed his name back to Havok.

Chapter 2:GCW vs. IWA
The battle between GCW began at GCW vs. IWA IWA wrestler Scott "The Show" Badeaux wrestled his last match as this show. And in the main event IWA wrestler Archangel performed an awesome stunt and did a swanton bomb off the roof of the house onto IWA wrestler Unknown Soldier

The next week (GCW/IWA Taken by Force) The Madman made his return and attacked The Storm at Everett Park for the 24/7 title. Then he returned to WOM lair and let Mr. Fantastico pin him for it. At this show Havok wrestled his last match (thank god).

The week after that was GCW/IWA Battle for the Gold. It was focused on the Tournament for the GCW title, which Adam Michaels ended up winning. In the main event Archangel fought "The Doc" David Giles for IWA championship and won. But got superkicked off the roof for his troubles.

Then at GCW/IWA Out for Blood an IWA cruiserweight tournament was held which was won by A.D. Thunder. Big Timer won the GCW title for the second time in the main event.

Now the problem there was I (now just going by Steven Bell) needed to have a ladder match for Backyard Face-Off 3. So I let Adam Michaels and Havok fight in the main event for the title. This time Adam won. Also at that show (GCW Fate 9/7/02) I fired all of the WOM members.

At BYFO3 GCW wrestler Crazy Josh beat Unknown Soldier for the IWA hardcore championship. And the main event was a 4-way ladder match (Adam, Steven Bell, Storm, A.D) that actually involved tables more than anything. I won the match and got to retire as champion.

The next show was GCW/IWA The End. And it was The End of everything. SWA there.

Part 10:SWA Hung Up on Us

Chapter 1:This was a bad idea...
SWA was just a bad idea. It was a mess. The highlights were Adam Michaels winning the Southern title and Krazy Josh and myself(doing the Mark Daniels gimmick) winning the tag titles. Oh and some jobber named Grizzly Bear Adams came in....

Chapter 2:The Truth
Things just didn't work between Jackson Herod and Patrick and myself when it came to booking the shows. I did the dirty deed of emailing Jackson telling him it was over. It was probably the wrong thing to do but when you're grumpy at 3:00 A.M. just about anything sounds like a good idea.

Part 11:Version 3

Chapter 1:Full Force!
GCW came back with a GCW Title Tournament. The tournament finals saw Krazy Josh and Adam Michaels taking to the extreme. Both men were beaten and battered. Especially Adam. But the end result was Josh coming out the victor.

The next show was Plunging into Sin 2! and it very importantly marked the 1-Year Anniversary of our ring! This show was the downfall of Steven Bell back into the Madman. The show ended with Adam(now the commissioner for the mysterious new owner) firing me.

Next week Kid Dynamite debuted against Kaos Kidd...and won! At this Fate Adam Michaels debuted his "security cameras" which lead to some creepy scenes with Madman visiting Adam in his sleep. He also visited Marc Kold and hypnotized Marc Kold into attacking Adam and convincing Adam to give Madman a rehirement match.

My opponent was everyone's favourite Sexy Luchdore,Ultimo Astro! And of course I won or I'd be doing nothing on Saturdays now. After the match World of Madness held auditions since Kaos Kidd and The Phantom had quit World of Madness the week before.

Ultimo and Fantastico were the first to enter the room. Fantastico said that he was the Intercontinetal Champion but Ultimo whispered something into Madman's ear which pissed Madman off severely and he kicked Fantastico in the head and welcomed Ultimo back into WOM.

The Main Event was a brutal contest between Krazy Josh and Marc Kold. The match went to a no contest when the camera lost them as they went backstage. The camera did go inside and it only saw Grizzly Bear Adams,The Phantom in Adam's office on the computer,and 2 mysterious individuals.

Soon after The Madman burst into Adam's office and demanded to know where Krazy Josh was. Adam turned on his beloved security cameras and they watched the shocking footage of Krazy Josh's lifeless body falling out the doorway of the bathroom,covered in blood.

Madman briefly tried to assault Adam but knew it couldn't be Adam's fault and went to discover the culprit. What he found was Marc Kold with blood on his hands and he chased Marc off and the camera faded to black(whata cliffhanger!)

Chapter 2:The Dead Guy

The next week at Full Force Adam watched the footage of what the security cameras filmed after we faded out last week. He saw that Marc Kold did manage to escape.

After that Ultimo and Madman were in the lair talking and Matt Irvine and Fantastico came up and they decided to confront both of them. When it came time to find them it ended with Matt and Fantastico getting badly beaten up(Sorry Matt!) And Ultimo told Fantastico that he would beat him in the Mask vs. Mask at Winter Bash.

The next scene was very bizarre. The Madman bled Marc Kold and fed Krazy Josh the blood which revived him. And he said that when he died and was looking for the light it was "dark as hell!"

Oh, and that Jobber Grizzly Bear Adams got fired.

After a match between myself and Marc Kold with Adam referring I accused Marc Kold of killing Krazy Josh. Marc Kold say he couldn't do it. The Krazy Josh came out and said that Marc didn't have the balls to kill him. It was someone much more evil and powerful.

The main event for that show was a battle royal with the winner fighting Krazy Josh at Winter Bash. The Phantom won by throwing me and Marc Kold out at the same time..."Oh Jesus!"

Chapter 3:Winter Bash

At Winter Bash Ultimo and Fantastico finally had their Mask vs. Mask which Ultimo won but when he took Fantastico's mask off he had a burglar mask underneath.

After that Krazy Josh and The Phantom had their brutal contest in which The Phantom was crowned a 2-Time GCW champion.

After the 6-man main event Madman challenged Adam to an Indian Deathmatch at Warning 3!

To Be Continued....

Steven Bell



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