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-Would you like to see a Reunion of Gladewater Championship Wrestling? Would you like to see all the big-time wrestlers that made an impact in GCW come back one last time for one day only? There have been talks of having such a show. It would be the Last & Final GCW Event. Bringing together everyone that made GCW so nostalgic. The show would be entitled Gladewater Climax 5 and would be the arrival of GCW v.5 The last and final edition.

Of course, something like this would take several months to get started. Calling the people, Emailing the people, Booking the actual event, Promoting the event. But our question is would you like to see this happen? We want to hear your comments and opinions. Email us at If you are a former GCW Wrestler and would like to take part in the show, Email us!

The only way for this to happen is the support of the fans and former wrestlers.


Adam Michaels
-Now wrestling under the name "Supernova" Sean Cordova throughout Texas. Has been competing under the name since 2002. Was trained by Joey Corman and Samir. Had his Pro Debut in April 2002. Wrestles at League of Lions Wrestling as well as a few others. Outside of wrestling, he now has a wife and three children.

Steven Bell
-Final match took place on November 22, 2003 at Plunging into Sin 3 going up against Majestic. Now out of the wrestling world, living in Seattle, Washington.

-Wrestled as Jason Skyy for a number of years; now wrestles as Chaz Thomas. Wrestles for League of Lions Wrestling. Has two children.

-Quit wrestling most of the 2004 year. Debuted in TEW in November. Changed his name from Airbourne to "Rocket" Ricky Roberts. Lives in New Jersey with wife and children.

Krazy Josh
-Dropped the Josh part and went by Krazy J for most of 2004. Eventually, changed his name to Maxx Lavaro. Worked for League of Lions Wrestling for a short time. Has a wife and two children.

Kaos Kidd
-Now wrestles in League of Lions Wrestling as Cory Summers. Has a wife.

Ultimo Astro
-Wrestles for TEW. Still holds the Magnifico Astro Benefit Shows in Mexico. Teams with Excelente Astro.

Excelente Astro
-Been in Mexico since November 2004 until June 2005 with his mother. Wrestles for TEW. Teams with his Brother, Ultimo Astro.

Joey Delux
-Final match was on November 22nd, 2003 at Plunging into Sin 3 going against Andrew Dalton. As of right now, Living in Houston, TX. Was a Ref for NAWA for one show.

-Wrestled in TEW at the start of the company opening. Stopped mid-year and hasn't got back into wrestling since then. He now works and has made it clear he wants to return to wrestling in the future.

-Tragically died on January of 2004 in a Motorcycle Accident. Was going to team up with Ultimo Astro and Excelente Astro (Los Astros) in TEW. His wrestling career was cut very short. RIP.

Rio Rojo
-Wrestles in Mexico. Never got called up to wrestle for TEW.

The Phantom
-Wrestled for TEW until mid-year and then suddenly stopped. We feel he may have dropped out of school. Nothing more is known.

-Wrestles for TEW alongside his Father, Bizarro. Teams with him and Ultimo on a regular basis. Wrestles at the Magnifico Astro Benefit Show each year.

-Wrestles for TEW alongside his Son, Fantastico. Wrestles at the Magnifico Astro Benefit Show each year.

-Comes out to watch TEW. Owns a small piece of the company with his brother, Sean Cordova.

Big Timer
-Stopped wrestling in 2003. Since then hasn't wrestled. Works in Gladewater, TX.

Lil' C
-Stopped wrestling in 2003. Since then hasn't wrestled. Is about to be 18 years old.

Grizzly Bear Adams
-Stopped wrestling in 2003. Was planning on debuting for TEW in January of 2005 under the name Bulldozer; however, was cancelled.

Flying Assassin
-Was fired from GCW in 2003. Hasn't wrestled since then. Called TEW Offices in May of 2005. Hasn't reached a deal with them as of yet. May be appearing in the future

Andrew Dalton
-Wrestles for NAWA. Started wrestling for TEW but quit due to business decisions.

Flyin' Ryan
-Stopped wrestling in 2003. No plans of wrestling.

Clean Sweep
-Stopped wrestling in 2003. No plans of wrestling.

-Was never heard after 2003. The gimmick was scrapped due to Havok's absences. The feud with the two would have eventually killed off Death.

-Was fired from GCW in 2003. Hasn't wrestled since then and will never get back into the ring if it is up to us.

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Texas Elite Wrestling Opened!
~GCW is officially closed as of December of 2003. However, TEW was opened in January of 2004. Most of the same wrestlers are wrestling for TEW. Check the website out at

Final GCW Group Photo

New Champions!
~At Winter Bash 2, We seen 4 new Champions Crowned!

Kaos Kidd walked into the Aerial Challenge Match and walked out with the GCW Championship around his waist!

~Also, Marc Kold defeated Krazy Josh to become the Fate Champion. This marks the first time he has held the title since it has been named Fate.

~"SGW" Andrew Dalton fought Rio Rojo for the vacant 24/7 Championship. After Dalton won the title he threw it down and stated that now the title will forever be retired!

~Extraño walked out winning the Mexican Title from Excelente Astro. This is the first title that Extraño has held.

Winter Bash 2 Results
Ultimo Astro over Adam Michaels

Marc Kold over Krazy Josh to win Fate Title

Extraño over Excelent Astro to win Mexican Title

Andrew Dalton over Rio Rojo to win 24/7 Title

Krazy Josh/Adam Michaels went to No Contest with Airbourne/Marc Kold

Havok over Bizarro

Kaos Kidd over Airbourne to win GCW Title



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Kaos Kidd (c)
1. Adam Michaels
2. Airbourne
3. Steven Bell

Krazy Josh (c)
1. Majestic
2. Fantastico
3. Steven Bell

Extraño (c)
1. Excelente Astro
2. Rio Rojo
3. Ultimo Astro
4. Bizarro

Krazy Josh/Adam Michaels (c)
1. Los Astros
2. Rio Rojo/Bizarro



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