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-Animosity League is a federation built for the wrestlers. Without wrestlers there would be no federation, so because of that AW League shall always treat our wrestlers with the up most respect. In return the AW staff asks for the same from the superstars. We will not tolerate people who slack off or who try to disrupt the federation. Animosity League is a place to have fun and relax, because if it isn't fun then it will be hell. So AW will strive their hardest to make Animosity League a fun relaxing place for everyone in it.

-]Section 1: Role Plays
101. No racial, ethnic or sexual comments in your rp but swearing is permited. Sexual comments is allowed ONLY in PPV roleplays.
102. No using other wrestlers in your rp's unless they are in your stable, that wrestler gave permission, or you have a member of the Staff's Permission
103. Don't ask staff for there opinion on who is winning a match.
104. If a champion is suspended or goes on vacation for more than a period of 2 weeks, then the title will be stripped. This is to keep things going with active wrestlers rather than unactive wrestlers.
105. USE THE RP BOARDS FOR RPs ONLY! If it is not an rp use the appropriate board.
106. Rps must be realistic, no having your guy fly or be invisible.
107. If your first Rp for your match is on the deadline day, it must be submitted 5 hours before the scheduled deadline time.
108. The AW staff reserves the right to edit, censor or use any part or entire RPs posted on the AW's forums without user's permission.
109. There is no minimum or maximum on roleplaying but all roleplays are due by the deadline unless permission is given by staff.

-]Section 2: Non Roleplaying
201. No complaining about results or when results will be out. By asking this questions, it causes us to slow down and not work properly.
202. No spamming AW members, No unapproved Advertising, No Chain letter. No e-mailing the fed to ask a question but you can post one on the forum's Fan board.
203. No harassing members of the fed or staff. We have "0" tolerance for this.
204. Have fun.
205. Never fraternize with blacklisted parties.

-]Section 3: Joining AW League
301. 2 wrestlers max per person.
302. Only fake wrestler are allowed. Any real wrestlers or character deemed too similar (i.e Triple D, DDD or "Stone Cold" Johnny Rock) will be rejected straight away.
303. All of your application must be filled out to be considered.
304. You MUST supply a sample rp in your AW application, unless pardoned by a member of the Staff.
305. AW reserves the right to job your character for two weeks after you are no longer affiliated with the organization.
306. If you are rejected from the AW you must wait 7 days from piror application to fill out a new application
307. Before joining, make sure that you server any contact with anyone on the blacklist if you are in contact with them.

-]Section 4: Staff's Job
401. You are to follow the Executive's Department's decrees and do your work only.
402. You must and shall respect higher ranked staff of AW.
404. Everything must be done on time.
405. Staffers are responsible for hiring a mini staff to help him in his areas if needed.
406. Firing Staff. To fire a staff member, the Executive Department must unaimously vote for the discharge of the staff member. If the staffer who is being voted on is on the board he may not participate in the vote.
407. If a staff member becomes incapacitated and is not able to discharge his duties then the staff below him shall take over. If there is no position below his then he shall name his/her replacement or a higher up staff member shall name it. If a staff member moves up then the Executive Department shall name his/her replacement

-]Section 5: Admendments Statement
501. If a wrestler wishes to suggest a admendment they must e-mail the Executive Department
502. When an admendment is suggested it must first be passed by the majority of the ED.
503. To extract a current rule the extraction must be passed by a unanimous vote by ED.
504. Admendments and extractions may be proposed only once a month. If rejected it must wait 1 full month from date of voting.
505. All wrestler votes will be secret ballet, only the Chairman will see the votes
506. All admendment and extraction proposals will be put under the admendment section with the votes for each side. This is regardless of if it is passed or rejected.

-]Section 6: Punishments
601. Any wrestler who breaks 3 or more rules in the AW rule book in a period for 2 months will get fired. After 2 months and if the wrestler is still in AW, the wrestler will have a clean slate again.
602. If a wrestler does not rp for 3 straight matches with out filling a vacation form he/she may be fired.
603. Any wrestler who breaks a rule in this rule book may be punished without warning.
604. No wrestler may be suspended for more then 7 cards for any one rule infraction.
605. Money will be subtracted out of a wrestler's bank if a rule is broken.

-]Section 7: Admendments
701. No admendments yet