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Tickets Sales-
Ring side- $75.00
Regular Admission- $25.00
Children (12 and under)- $20.00
PPV- $39.00
Television Station: N/A
Show: Saturday Night Tantrum
Headquarters: Queens, New York

Money System: I. The Money System

Currently Worked On

II. Wrestling Contracts

Every wrestler in AW is signed to a contract. Depending upon your skill and participation level, a time and price is set. Once a contract is signed, it cannot be broken unless a deal is worked out between the AW President of Operations, and the wrestler. Upon a contract expiration, the federation and wrestler will decide on an extension or termination.

III. RP System

One of the main ways to draw money in is by your RPs. Every week, AW officials will grade your match RP, and deal out money accordingly. Listed below is the grading system in detail, and money earned for each grade.

A. The Grading System RPs are graded either by AW staff members, or volunteers. Upon request, a wrestler can receive a written explanation of why an RP did not gain them the victory. Only one of these requests is allowed per month.

IV. In-Card Segment System

Just like RPs, in-card segments that you send in will be graded and rewarded. This helps to improve our cards, and overall appeal in RS. Submitting in-card segments develops characters and shows dedication so plan to do it quite often with or without request from AW staff.

V. Additional Sources of Income

Excellent RPs are just one way to earn money in AW. If you're looking for more income, try one of these:

Recruiting Wrestlers/Staff Members (($5,000 per person)) AW is always looking for new members. Any wrestler or staff member that AW signs to a contract will be money in your pocket, as long as you recruited them. As always, the recruitee's usefulness will be decided by AW officials.

RS News Segment (($15,000)) The RS world is cold, and grueling. It takes a lot to get noticed in a big pond like this. If you drum up a provocative, and eye-catching RS news story that gets published, it will earn you $15,000!

RS Event Participation (($25,000)) Once again, it takes a lot to get noticed. High participation levels in such events as the Holy Grail is a must for any RS federation. Your participation in these events will be handsomely rewarded.

RS Top Ten Wrestlers (($10,000)) Every so often, RS likes to recognize the top wrestlers in their member feds. Expect some money to come your way should you name appear on this coveted list.

Match Writing (($40,000 per match)) This applies solely to wrestlers who volunteer to write matches, not staff members. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Poser Images (($30,000 per Poser)) Think you can handle being our Poser artist? Prove it, and we'll pay you.

Interview of the Week (($15,000)) Each week, AW likes to recognize the top RP with some cash, and a place on the main page.

AW Title Win (($10,000)) Holding a title is a big thing, and we know that. In addition to the initial ten grand, we'll pay you $5,000 everytime you successfully defend the title.

AW World Championship Win (($20,000)) The grand-daddy of all titles. Every successful World title defense earns you $10,000.

RS Title Win (($30,000)) Not only are you the top AW RPer, but you're the best in RS!!! Here, have some money.


VI. Losing Money

You've heard all about the rewards...let's move on to consequences.

Jobbing a Match ((-$300,000)) Don't take your match seriously, and you will be severely punished for it. I plan on keeping activity up, so those who don't RP will be dealt with accordingly.

Breaking the Rules ((Three Strike System)) The rules set forth in this federation are very strict, and shall be followed. A showing of defiance will be punished. Breaking the same rule three times will get you terminated.

Strike One: -$150,000 Strike Two: -$300,000 Strike Three: Termination

Failure to Write Match ((-$20,000 per match)) Don't volunteer to write a match, unless you're certain you can do it. Yes, I do need volunteers...but you put me in an even bigger hole if you don't come through.


VII. Spending Your Money- Now Open

Alright, you've got all this money...what are you going to spend it on? Take a look at the options below, and decide wisely.

New Poser Image (($5,000,000)) Looking to change your look? Fork over some cash, and we'll see what we can do.

GIF Titantron Pic (($7,500,000)) Imagine your wrestler under the spotlight as he makes his way down to the ring. Come on now, make that dream a reality!

Flash Intro (($5,000,000)) It's a friggin' movie....of you! Well, a short movie, but a cool thing nonetheless.

AW Event in Your Hometown (($7,000,000)) Use your financial influence to give you homefield advantage.

AW Pay-Per-View in your Hometown (($10,000,000)) What better time to win that Undisputed World Championship than at a your hometown! Talk about a homecoming.

Personalized AW Wallpaper (($10,000,000)) Go ahead, inflate your ego even more. We'd be more than happy to plaster your ugly face all over your computer.

Custom AW Title Belt (($15,000,000)) Does your title look a little...dull? Hand over some cash, and we'll fashion it just the way you want it.


VIII. Amendements to the Money System

We know everything is not perfect. If you'd like to submit a modification, revision, or addition of any kind, please contact us. Give us the pros and cons, and we'll look over all the presented information. Every idea can always stand to improve, and we want to hear your voice!