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Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge
Friday March 7 2014

Eric Winslow is running for the chance to get a MWR ride thanks to Peak and the “Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge.” Please take the time to view this video and vote at the link provided below. They will allow you to vote 5 times a day, and we cannot do it without your votes! Thanks in advance!
Click Here to Vote for Eric!

Robersonville Race Report
Tuesday June 4th 2013

The air temperature was not the only thing hot Saturday night at the East Carolina Motor Speedway. Racing action and tempers were also elevated. As always, the Late Model Race at ECMS was the main event featuring 12 drivers for 80 laps with $1200 up for grabs and $150 for the halfway leader. Eric and the Winslow Motorsports team unloaded with the ACE Speedway setup. Eric finished in the 10th spot at ACE on Friday night before making the trip down on Saturday. The car unload very bad at ECMS, but the crew made drastic changes throughout the day. Eric took a different approach in his setup for qualifying, but didn’t get the results he had hoped for. When the green flag flew Eric started his ascend towards the front. Eric made it up to 6th by the halfway point and changed the right rear tire at the break. On lap 41 there was a two car spin out that Eric narrowly missed. Eric and Wesley Johnson had a good battle going around lap 65, right before Eric was ready to make the charge to the front. Unfortunately, the night would come to an abrupt end on lap 73. The same two cars in front of Eric would spin out again this time collecting the #22 in process. Eric would finish 9th at what will more then likely be the teams last race at East Carolina Motor Speedway this season. We would like to thank our fans and crew members for the support during the season so far. Stay tuned for updates this week on where we will be racing next!

(Written by: John Moody)
Sponsorship Announcement
Tuesday May 14th 2013

Winslow Motorsports is excited to announce that Moody Dozer Works Inc. has signed on to be an associate sponsor on the #22 Chevrolet!! For over 20 years Moody Dozer Works has been a leader in the farm land clearing, reforestation work, and all types of land development. Owner/operator, John Moody has over 30 years of experience in the heavy equipment business.

Both Eric and John are excited to renew this partnership and look forward to making a championship run throughout the summer at East Carolina Motor Speedway!

East Carolina Motor Speedway Race Recap
Monday May 6th 2013

Eric Winslow made a solid performance Saturday night at the East Carolina Motor Speedway in the 100-lap late model main event. The car unloaded fast on Saturday afternoon for practice running very consistent laps and was “near perfect” as Eric stated. After practice the team put on the racing tires for qualifying and the time didn’t match how good the car was in practice. The team was confident that the car would come to Eric during the race though. Eric would role off 6th out of 8 cars on Saturday night in his second start at ECMS this season. The race was again broken down into two 50-lap segments with a 10-minute halftime break. When the green flag flew Eric settled into the 6th spot and by lap 40 made a charge towards the front and 3rd spot going into the intermission. The crew made a few minor adjustments cooled the car and brakes down for the final segment charge to the front. On the restart Eric was able to make his way to the lead by lap 52. Eric would lose the lead around lap 70 and shortly after the caution would fly setting up for a short track shootout to determine the winner. The #22 Chevy would restart 2nd for the final 9 laps, but just couldn’t get a get start off of the line in order to clear the #12 of Wesley Johnson. A leak in the right front also played a factor into the outcome of the race for Eric and the team. When the checkers flew, Eric brought the #22 home for a 3rd place finish. After the race Eric stated, “We know what we can do to make the car better”. The whole Winslow Motorsports team is looking forward to the next race at ECMS after learning a lot of Saturday night. Winslow Motorsports will be back at Robersonville in two weeks. At this time next weeks schedule is to be announced. Be sure to like us on Facebook at for raceday updates and give-a-ways. For sponsorship inquiries please contact, Eric Winslow at 434-709-3455.

(Written by: John Moody)
Return to Robbersonville
Monday April 15th 2013

Under new ownership for the 2013 season, East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville, NC kicked off the season on Sunday afternoon in front of a great crowd. Eric and the Winslow Motorsports team returned to the track were they captured the 2007 UCAR Championship in hopes for a solid performance. With a freshly resurfaced track, it would be a new playing field for everyone. Eric unloaded Sunday morning fast in practice and was happy with the car. Eric rolled off 9th out of 10 cars during qualifying for Sunday evenings 100-lap race. The 22 Chevy posted the 2nd fastest lap time of the day to capture the outside pole. The race would be broken down to two 50 lap segments with a ten minute halftime to make adjustments. At the drop of the green, Eric settled in to the second position within the first few laps. Eric had a great battle going with Josh Vanwinkle until a pile up on lap 16 in turn 3 & 4 left Eric nowhere to go. The team would be forced to park the #22 for the remainder of the event due to radiator problems. The team will be racing at ACE Speedway on Friday night and ECMS on Saturday night to avenge Sundays disappointing result. Be sure to Like us on Facebook for raceday updates on Saturday! For sponsorship inquiries please contact, Eric Winslow at 434-709-3455.

(Written by: John Moody)
Sponsorship Announcement
Friday September 14th 2012

Winslow Motorsports is proud to welcome, Calypso Lemonade onboard for the final race of 2012 at South Boston Speedway this Saturday!! Give their page on Facebook a Like and thank them for joining the team!

Double Dip Weekend for Winslow Motorsports
Monday September 3rd 2012

On Friday night Josh Van Winkle piloted the #44 Winslow Motorsports Chevy and Eric Winslow made his first ever start at Ace Speedway. The night was a short one for Josh as he suffered from engine problems and was forced to start and park. Josh would finish 15th in race number one. Eric went on to run race two on the night. As one can imagine, it was a learning curve for someone who hasn’t logged a lot of laps at the track. Eric started 15th on the night but was involved in crash on lap one and bent some of the right front up. Eric and the team were able to rebound and score a 10th place finish in his first race.

It would be a quick turn around for the team on Saturday morning as they worked hard to repair both cars. After the damage was fixed on the 22 and 44; they arrived at South Boston Speedway just in time for the second practice to get some track time on a hot Saturday afternoon. In the main race, Eric spun out and dismounted the nose of the car. On the next caution the crew had to cut the nose off. Throughout the early part of the race the car was loose so on the next caution Eric brought the 22 in to get it tightened up. This led into a long green flag run where Eric was really able to make some gains on the rest of the field and pass some cars on the outside of the 3/8 mile speedway. Eric got the toe knocked in when a car got into him with about 10 laps to go and the race would go on to finish with a green-white-checkered. Eric came in to change the left front under caution and went back out to finish the race with what he had left. Josh was faced with clutch problems all night and ran approximately 60 laps. He had a good car with great handling but could not put down the power.

Winslow Motorsports will take the weekend off this coming weekend in order to prep for their next race. Both cars will be at the track and in contention for a strong win. Be sure to like us on Facebook at for raceday updates and give-a-ways. For sponsorship inquiries please contact, Eric Winslow at 434-709-3455.

(By:John Moody)
Race Update
Wednesday June 27th 2012
Eric Winslow and the Winslow Motorsports team will be at South Boston Speedway on Tuesday, July 3rd for the NASCAR Whelen Late Model 200. Join us at the track at 7:00pm to watch some exciting racing!

Click HERE to view new 2012 pictures
Orange County Recap
Tuesday May 1st 2012
Eric Winslow returned to late model racing Saturday night at Orange County Speedway. The car unloaded fast on Saturday morning running very consistent laps on the 3/8 mile speedway. The car was just a little too loose to begin with. The crew over adjusted just a little too much and ended up qualifying 10th for the Saturday night feature. Eric had a small tire on the left front to race with causing the car to bottom out throughout the race despite numerous pit stops. The car did however get better throughout the night with the adjustments. There was a small incident with the 69 car, but after the spun Eric was able to rebound to finish in the 8th spot. “We finished 8th with an easy top 5 car, but it was the first race back in a while.” Eric stated. The team is confident it will not make the same mistakes again when they return to the track on Saturday May 19th. Winslow Motorsports will return to their hometown track this Saturday night at South Boston Speedway mainly to get some funding and track time experience. Be sure to like us on Facebook at for raceday updates and give-a-ways. For sponsorship inquiries please contact, Eric Winslow at 434-709-3455.
New Season Update
Tuesday April 24th 2012
Winslow Motorsports and driver Eric Winslow will be making their way back to the racing ovals on Saturday April 28th. Eric has borrowed a motor from Barry Beggarly. Eric is confident that his car will be there at the end, contending for a win, “without any problems I think we are a top 3 car.” Winslow Motorsports is still looking for sponsorship for the 2012 season. Eric and the crew hope to run a consistent schedule throughout the summer with the possibility of running different events. If your business is interested in sponsoring the race team please contact Eric. You can also find us on Facebook by searching Winslow Motorsports
(By: John Moody)
Wake County Speedway Recap
Thursday May 5th 2011
On Friday Night Eric Winslow and the Winslow Motorsports team took the banks of the Wake County Speedway for the UCAR series event. This is the first time Eric has been behind the wheel of the 22 since a solid finish at VIR back in March. Eric started third for the first heat race of the night to determine starting order. The team had a few problems during the first and only practice session of the evening when the camber came out of the car and almost wrecked it in practice. After the practice Eric and the crew corrected the problem and went on the win the 7 lap heat race. Eric would start on the outside pole for the 25 lap main event. At the drop of the green Eric sailed past Jim Bounds on the outside and never look back. “The car was hooked up tonight. It ran really good.” Eric stated. The team hopes race in the big UCAR event on June 3rd and possibly enter another car if funding is found. Stay tuned for more updates throughout and month of May. Sponsorship is available for the 2011 race season. Please call Eric at 434-709-3455 or email him at
(By: John Moody)
2011 Plans
Tuesday January 4th 2011
Due to lack of funding and sponsorship for the 2011 season, the Winslow Motorsports team will be participating in the Walls Roofing Clash for Cash U-CAR series. The team regrets having to put Late Model Stock racing on the back burner but because Eric has been so successful with U-CAR racing in the past the team is confident and excited to do well this season.

Click here for this seasons schedule.
Race Recap Coming Soon
Tuesday June 8th 2010
Eric and the rest of the winslow motorsports team made their way to Orange County Speedway saturday, June 5th where they started 13th and finished 8th out of an 18 car field. Please stay tuned for the full update as well as pics within the next few days or so.
Winslow Motorsports Back on Track
Monday May 24th 2010
Winslow Motorsports and driver Eric Winslow will be making their way back to the racing ovals on June 5th. After relocating the racing facility back to Eric’s hometown of Danville, VA during the spring the team is excited for the future. Eric and company will be making their debut at the Orange County Speedway on Saturday June 5th. Winslow Motorsports has never raced at OCS but is optimistic about a great racing weekend. Eric and the crew can’t wait to get the 2010 racing season started and hopes that on-track success will bring more sponsorship inquiries to the team. Follow the team on Twitter with updates throughout the day on Saturday at
(By: John Moody)
Winslow Motorsports 2010 Plans
Tuesday February 9th 2010
The Winslow Motorsports team would like to announce the teams racing plans for the 2010 late model season. Eric and crew plan to run some races at the East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville,NC where he captured the 2007 UCAR championship. The team is also hopeful to return to the famous South Boston Speedway were engine troubles put a set back to the 2009 season. But first the team must receive funding from sponsors in order to run some races at South Boston. Eric will also need a new carburetor for SoBo. Stay tuned for a revised schedule on when and where we will be racing. Winslow Motorsports is also looking for sponsorship for the 2010 racing season. For sponsorship inquires please contact Eric Winslow.
(By: John Moody)
Thanksgiving Classic Recap
Monday November 30th 2009
On Friday afternoon the Winslow Motorsports team loaded up and made the trip to Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville, NC. Eric and the team were optimistic that they could close out the 2009 season on a strong note. During the Friday practice sessions the car was good, but it wasn’t perfect. Eric also didn't think it was “far off” either. The team unloaded on Saturday for race day and the car still held its own during the practice. The #22 chevy clocked in at a 16.59 during the qualifying session with the pole spot at a 16.00. The #22 would roll off 7th. When the green flag flew at the Thanksgiving Classic Eric held his own throughout the race maintaining the 7th place position. On lap 60 Eric said “the car was consistent on lap times and it felt good we just couldn't pass anybody.” On lap 100 the car was begining to feel better and was not as tight. The #22 Chevrolet just didn't have the speed to catch anyone on the straightaway, which hurt the chances of a strong finish. After he 7th place finish is Jacksonville Eric stated that he did feel that “we were prepared enough for the race.” We would like to thank all the crew, sponsors, and fans for making this possible. Stay tuned for an announcement on the 2010 season coming soon.
(By: John Moody)
Robersonville Race Recap
Tuesday November 10th 2009

Eric returned to the track where he won the UCAR Championship in 2007 on Saturday afternoon. The Winslow Motorsports team unloaded with aspirations of continuing that success with a win at the East Carolina Motor Speedway. The race was run in two 60-lap segments with a big payout going to the winner. Eric had a solid qualifying run clocking in 5th fastest out of a 15 car field. During the first segment the team had a real good car for the race running in 3rd for most of the run. The mandatory caution came out that allowed the team to change tires, add fuel, and raise the car up some. During the last 60 laps something changed with the car and the car went away from Eric after restarting 3rd. Eric would make a late race charge and the 9 car with 5 laps to go. With only 2 laps to go Eric overdrove the corner causing the car to get loose. That would open the door for the 51 car to make a move but in the process got into the 22 Chevy sending it in the wall. Eric would bring the number 22 home for a 6th place finish but feels that he could have done a lot better. Winslow Motorsports would like to thank all the crewmembers, sponsors, and fans for hanging in with us during this tough 2009 race season. The team is hoping for a successful season in 2010 so stay tuned for all the updates during the offseason.
(By: John Moody)

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Mason Dixon 500 Race Report
Tuesday October 20th 2009
The Winslow Motorsports team loaded up and headed to the South Boston Speedway on Thursday for the Mason Dixon 500. The team would once again face adversity with a carburetor, pit road miscue, and track position playing a key role in the outcome of the race. On Friday the team unloaded with the admirations of a good qualifying run and solid finish in the main show. When the crew rolled the car through tech for first time NASCAR didn’t like the carburetor the team had on the car. The team believes it was due to the fact it was out of date and wasn’t in production anymore. After another carb was borrowed and placed on the car the team found a leak around the gasket. With time not on the teams’ side, Bruce Anderson was kind enough to let us use one of his for the weekend. Eric wasn’t able the get the best qualifying run due to a lack of power. When the team got to the track on Saturday morning they were informed that they had a provisional due to the track points. Eric went out and ran 5 laps in the heat race and parked it to save the tires for the main race. Eric would roll off 36th, last in the field. The starting spot put Eric behind the eight ball because when the green flag flew Eric was just leaving turn 2 due to the single file start. It really hurt the team and Eric found himself a lap down early and gave up a lot due to the position they were in. But as the race proceeded and the field got smaller Eric was able to make his way through the field due to the fact it was easier to move around the track. Eric and the 41 car made contact during the run but no damage was done to the #83 Chevy. It was then time for Eric to come in and get right side tires and fuel. The team had a good pits stop but left the screwdriver in the gas tank overflow and had to come back in. For the last part of the race Eric couldn’t make any passes on the track around the outside. Eric held in for the whole 250-lap race which was the longest race he has completed for a 20th place finish. The Winslow Motorsports team had a fun time at SoBo and look forward to having a stronger run next season. The team will return to act for the final time in 2009 at the East Carolina Motor Speedway on Sunday November 1st for the Octoberfest Late Model race that got rained out earlier in the month.
(By: John Moody)

Race Updates Soon
Sunday October 18th 2009
The Winslow Motorsports team made the race on Saturday, started 36th and finished 20th of 43 cars. The race story and pictures will be coming soon, hopefully in the next few days. Thank you for your patience.
Motor Update
Tuesday September 8th 2009
Winslow Motorsports has found what caused the last two motor problems for the team. Turns out it was a flaw in the block with the wrong serial number. Not only will the motor be new but so will the helmet. Eric has purchased a new and improved helmet with a air hose to keep him a little cooler during the races. The team is very excited to get the motor back soon to prepare for a big race in October at the South Boston Speedway. Winslow Motorsports plans to return to the South Boston Speedway on October 16-17 to run the Mason Dixon 500. Sponsorship is still available for this race; if you or your business is interested in this opportunity please contact Eric.
(By: John Moody)
End Of Summer Update
Tuesday August 25th 2009
Eric and the Winslow Motorsports team would like to let everyone know what’s going on around the shop and the future plans are for rest of 2009. Eric sent the motor off to Washington, NC for it to be rebuilt again. While the team waits on the motor to be repaired the season is drawing to a close leaving us a small window to run the remaining races. The team plans to return to the South Boston Speedway on October 16-17 to run the Mason Dixon 500. Without any sponsors the team will more then likely not be making the anticipated trip to the oldest track on the NASCAR circuit, Martinsville on September 26th. If you or your business would like to help us get to Martinsville to run one the biggest Late Model races on the East Coast contact Eric, on the website.
(By: John Moody)
Another Set Back for Winslow Motorsports
Monday August 3rd 2009

The team headed back to the famous South Boston Speedway on Friday in preparation for Saturday nights Imagine Halifax 150. Eric suffered some brake problems during the practice but knew the car was getting better. The team carried the car to the shop in Danville where Phillip worked on getting the rear end squared and making changes on the car for Saturday while Eric and Crissy worked on the brake package. At the track on the Saturday the car was loose in the practice sessions and Phillip got a chance to work on the car a little more and got it even better. For qualifying Eric battled a loose racecar and which put him towards the back. “I just can't qualify” Eric stated. After missing the scales post qualifying the team would have to start in the rear of the field. Eric would roll off 23rd for the 150-lap race. The car was really good and it was staying under Eric throughout the race. The plan was just to wait to get closer to the end and save the tires to make a move towards the end of the race. The team’s summer momentum came to a halt around lap 90 when the engine in the #83 Chevrolet blew up. "We didn't cause a caution or anything so that was good but its no good that we blew up again," stated Eric. "The car was so much better then it had ever been." The team felt like the car could have easily finished in the top 10 before the car blew up while running in the 15th spot. Phillip and the crew had the car handing real good for Eric during the race. Eric was running the lead pack of cars down as they were starting to fall off the pace more than he was, the #83 was just not as fast at the start of the race. After the 20th place finish the Winslow Motorsports team is not sure what will happen for the rest of the racing season. Due to the tough economic times and lack of sponsorship the team does not have the financial help to rebuild another motor. "We could barely get to the track and get by now with a blown motor the season is pretty much done for now unless something else comes up or we find a ride or win the lottery" concluded Eric.
(By: John Moody)
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South Boston Speedway Race Recap
Sunday July 19th 2009

The Winslow Motorsports team loaded up Friday afternoon and made there way to South Boston Speedway for Saturday nights Twin 75 lap races. The track held an open practice that the team took part in on Friday evening in preparation for two races. After a few practice sessions the team was optimistic about their chances in scoring a solid finish. The team would unload Saturday with a pretty good setup. Phillip Barnes interim crew chief said, "This is the best I've ever seen this car here." During the final practice Eric was scored 3rd fastest and renewed the teams excitement before qualifying. The qualifying session was two laps with the first lap to determine the starting position in race 1 and the second lap to determine the starting spot in race 2. Eric would not have the best qualifying attempt of his career when he drove the car a little bit to hard in the corners during the run. Eric would clock in 16th and 19th fastest respectively for the twin races. When the green flag flew for race 1 on the night Eric maintained his starting spot when the caution flew on lap 3. Eric would radio in to tell the crew the car was a bit touchy and that he could move up through the field if he would like, but also wanted to save his car. On lap 21 Eric felt like he couldn't get the car in a rhythm and it was tight in the middle. By lap 25 the 83 Chevy was running in the top 15 and by lap 50 during a caution would come down pit road for adjustments. Eric would restart 14th and held that position till the checkered flag for race 1. After the conclusion of race 1 the team would have some time between races to debrief and make all the adjustments needed to have the car handling right for race 2. Eric would roll off 15th in the 21-car field in race 2. On lap 20 Eric was scored in 16th position and by lap 38 the #83 Chevrolet was on the move up to 11th. The caution would also come out on that lap and Eric came down pit road for a few final adjustments and would go on to earn his first career top 10 finish at the historic speedway in 10th place. The team is excited to go back to South Boston in two weeks and try a few different things that they have received with a lot of feed back this weekend. Everyone at Winslow Motorsports would like to thank Barry Beggarly and Stroud Real-Estate for all their help this weekend!
(By: John Moody)
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South Boston Bailey’s 200 Recap
Sunday July 5th 2009

Eric and the Winslow Motorsports team made their way back to South Boston Speedway where the team had a motor problem that put a set back on the season. Eric’s qualifying attempt was not great but as always he put on a show as he was sideways coming out of turn 2. After the fan appreciation night where Eric got a chance to meet some fans and sign autographs it was time to go racing. It would be Eric’s first full and longest race at South Boston with 200 laps. The number 83 Chevrolet would roll off 30th in the 33-car field. Before the start a few cars dropped to the rear and Eric moved up to 27th to start and that’s where we would stay for the first 20 laps. When the first caution flew on lap 9 Eric said that the car was loose and during the second green flag run he would fall back to 29th falling a lap down to the race leader. The team decided to pit on lap 46 during the 2nd caution. After Ernest made a spring adjustment Eric decided to start in the back and get some seat time instead of trying to race the leaders for his lap back. The race was red flagged on lap 69 when a five-car crash happened about a half a straightaway in front of Eric. The crew never gave up on the night and listened to Eric’s feed back on what to do to make the racecar better. The crew brought Eric in two more times on the night to try to tighten up the car after Eric said the car was tight in and loose off. The team didn't get the finish they were looking for coming in 22nd, but Eric did a great job of maintaining his line and letting the lead pack go around him, which gained him respect from the other drivers. The team loaded up the racecar, in one piece, and headed back to Scotland Neck.
(By: John Moody)
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Winslow Motorsports Update
Wednesday June 24th 2009
On Monday night Winslow Motorsports held a team meeting in the shop to discuss the state of the organization. We are proud to welcome in Josh Vanwinkle and Houston Pittman to the weekly racing crew. The new additions will not only help Eric out on race days but will help the other crew members become better in there respective duties to the team. The team is excited about the second part of the season and will be looking forward to racing in the Bailey’s 200 at the famous South Boson Speedway on Friday July 3rd. We have updated our schedule so please view that for all our upcoming race dates and we look forward to seeing you at the track.
(By: John Moody)

Robersonville Recap
Sunday June 21 2009

The Winslow Motorsports team loaded up Saturday morning and headed back to East Carolina Motor Speedway where Eric finished 2nd last weekend looking for the win this weekend. The team took to the track on Thursday for practice and worked on the car to make it better for the race. Eric got some good feed back and made the necessary adjustments to car that he felt like would give him the best chance to get the win. During the practice on Saturday after the noon track temperatures climbed to almost 120 degrees which left all the cars sliding around the track. After the drivers meeting the team collected the race tires from impound and went out for the last practice before qualifying. Eric was last to go out during the qualifying round and clocked in 6th out of the 8th. When the green flag flew Eric settled in the 6th spot to conserve his tires for the end. Things started to heat up with the 3rd, 4th,and 5th place drivers as Eric made his move to the front. By lap 37 Eric was on the bumper of the 57 car and by lap 41 made the pass for 4th when the caution came out on lap 43.The caution was for the 28 car that got into Eric and spun out. Eric would restart 4th with 16 laps to go but it was the beginning of the end for the 22 chevy as the tires lost all grip and it was all Eric could do to bring the car home to a 4th place finish. Stay tuned for schedule updates in the upcoming week and don’t forget about our sponsorship packages and t-shirts in any size in stock now.
(By: John Moody)
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Fun night back at ECMS
Sunday June 14th 2009

Eric and the Winslow Motorsports team knew just the way to give two of the crew members, Bryan Everette and Phillip Barnes a good birthday present by finishing 2nd in the teams return to the East Carolina Motor Speedway. During the practice Saturday afternoon the #22 Monte Carlo was all over the racetrack. The team put a whole different setup in the car after leaving Coastal Plains, but ended up returning back to the same setup on two year old tires. Eric drove the car a little too hard in qualifying clocking in at a 16.05 that was good enough for 4th fastest in the 9-car field. When the green flag flew Eric fell back in the field to ride before the car went south on lap 12 of the 75-lap race. The team got a much-needed caution and came in to make adjustments. On lap 24 Eric and the #75 car got together causing a slow leak in left front. Eric was still free off the corner right before a car spun in front of him bringing out a caution and sending the crew back to work on the next pit stop. When Eric restarted he had a great side-by-side battle with the #28 car. The team wanted to make adjustment before lap 50 when teams could only change 2 tires and fuel with no adjustments during a special caution. They got what they wanted and restarted 3rd for the final 25 lap shootout. The caution flag flew for the final time with 7 laps to go and Eric came in for one final round of adjustments before restarting 5th and getting by the #75 car on his way to the runner up finish. The car finally started to come around to him at the end but the leader was to far away. The team was confident that they could have contended for the win with another caution. "We woulda had something for them." Eric stated at the end. "Hopefully we can get sponsors and we'll be here next weekend." Winslow Motorsports looks to run at South Boston Speedway when they have twin races and make a few more appearances at Coastal Plains Raceway and ECMS during the 2009 campaign. Eric and the Winslow Motorsports team would like to thank all the fans, track officials, and David Roebuck at East Carolina Motor Speedway for putting on a fun and great event Saturday Night.
(By: John Moody)
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UARA Race Cancelled
Thursday June 11 2009
The UARA STARS race that the Winslow Motorsports team planned on running has been cancelled. There was no reason for the cancellation at press time. That opens up the calendar for the team to run this weekend, June 13 at East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville. Eric has two starts and a 5th place finish at the track where he won the 2007 UCAR championship. The team looks to continue the great success they have had at the track and also hopes to bring in some sponsors for the big return on Saturday night.
(By: John Moody)

Jacksonville Race Recap
Sunday June 7th 2009

Eric Winslow and the crew returned to the track where they made a name for themselves last year in the Late Model Division. On a misty and overcast day at Coastal Plains Raceway the team battled a slick racetrack, which in turn made the car hard to handle. Eric had to get the car dialed in during the first practice and after some adjustments got the car to where it felt good. During the second practice the team put the race tires on but did not realize the left side tires where bad due to the slick track conditions that caused problems for other teams. Eric had a strong qualifying run clocking in 5th out of the 14 cars for the 60-lap event. After the drop of the green flag the car was terrible loose and Eric started falling back by lap 10 and needed the whole track to race someone. Eric finished in the 8th spot one lap down to the field. "The left side tires were junk," Eric stated. "We have got some work to do." Winslow Motorsports will be back at the track June 20th for the UARA race with sponsorship still available for the race.
(By: John Moody)
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Back On Track
Wednesday May 27 2009
Eric Winslow and the #83 Chevrolet Monte Carlo makes its return to Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville. Winslow Motorsports will be back at the track where they finished 2nd in the points tied for the championship and tallied 3 wins in the 2008 season. The team is excited to get back to the track for the race on June 6th after a long lay-off since March due to motor problems. Eric will be trying to get some valuable information during the practice on June 4th and the race on the 6th all for the June 20 UARA race which will also be held at Coastal Plains. T-shirts are also in stock with the new Winslow Motorsports black racing t-shirt now in stock in anticipation for a busy second half of the racing season.
(By: John Moody)

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Motor Update 2
Tuesday May 19 2009
We will not being racing this upcoming weekend, as we still do not have our motor back yet. We are planning to run our next race at Coastal Plains Raceway on June 20th with the UARA class that will be attending there as well. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to all the fans for their patience.
Stay tuned for any further updates.

**During our off time we have uploaded some videos from the 2007 season click here to view.

Motor Update

Unfortunantly, due to minor set-backs the motor will not be ready in time for this upcoming race. We intend to be ready for the race at South Boston on May 23rd. We'd like to thank everyone for your patience and support as we try to get back to the track. Stay tuned for any further updates.

Special Announcement
Monday April 27th 2009
Happy 18th Birthday to John Moody!
from: everyone on the Winslow Motorsports Crew

Plans for the Remaining Season
Sunday April 26th 2009
As many of you know we had a engine blow at SoBo during the season opener. That was a big setback for Winslow Motorsports after just having that engine rebuilt for this year. The oil pump is what caused our motor issues, we didn't turn to many rpm's or anything like that , Just one of them things. We are expecting to have the engine back to race on May 9th. Not having much financial help is going to limit our schedule at SoBo quite a bit for 09 so we will be picking select dates for the remainder of the year. What will happen after May 9th remains to be seen. One race on the schedule that we will be attending is the Uara Stars at Coastal Plains Raceway Park on June 20th. I'm excited about returning to CPR and seeing how we stack up against some of the stars in Uara. I really have to thank my crew , fans & sponsors for understanding and helping us get back going after this engine problem. This has been a tough pill for us to swallow. Thanks
(By: Eric Winslow)

South Boston Race Report
Sunday March 21st 2009

Winslow Motorsports finally made their debut at South Boston Speedway Saturday afternoon in the NASCAR Late Model Stock Car Division. Despite turning some fast laps in the morning practices Eric and the crew fell victim to a blown engine on lap 36. Eric battled a tight handling racecar in the corners during the morning practice sessions and the team made a few adjustments to free him up a little. After the drivers meeting it was time to qualify for the first race of the season. Eric clocked in 17th fastest in the 24-car field leaving a lot on the table. When the green flag flew the team was confident in a good run out of the 83 Chevrolet. By the time the caution flew on lap 6 Eric was still maintaining his 17th place position. Eric held his own behind car 03 trying to save the car and be around and have a chance at a good finish in the end. But on lap 36 after reporting to the crew that he was coming into pit next time by the 83 lost power in turn 4 and heading into turn 1 the engine blew up causing a 24th place finish. The team loaded up the car disappointed after all the hard work that had been put in to the car during the off-season. The crew arrived back in Scotland Neck late Saturday night and began to take the motor out of the racecar finding a hole in the oil pan and a broke rod. Just a couple of hours later the engine was out and will be evaluated this week. The team would like to thank all the sponsors, crewmembers, family and friends that have supported us so far is year, Thank you.
(By: John Moody)
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Wash Out at South Boston
Saturday March 14th 2009
The 2009 racing season will have to wait at least one more week due to rain. Officials at South Boston cancelled the season opening race late Friday as rain was forecasted through out the weekend. The season opening race has been moved back to Saturday March 21st with the drop of the green flag at 2pm.
(By: John Moody)

South Boston Practice Report
Sunday March 8th 2009
Eric Winslow hit the track for the first time at South Boston Speedway in his # 83 Chevrolet Late Model on Saturday. Eric was able to run quite a few laps through out the day on two-year-old tires and was able to get a good handle on the car. After a few minor adjustments after lunch Eric recorded some of his fastest laps of the day under 16.00 seconds. Later on in the afternoon practice session the team established that the car was not up to par possibly due to an old clutch. The team decided to pack up and head back home to solve the problem before the first race this coming up Saturday. Although it was an unseasonable warm day as temperatures reached the lower 80s, which will probably not happen again until late April, the early forecast looks to be much colder for raceday on Saturday.
(By: John Moody)
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Winslow Motorsports Update
Tuesday March 3rd 2009
After a short off-season Eric and the rest of the Winslow Motorsports team look to gain some experience this weekend as South Boston Speedway will have an open practice for all four divisions. Eric Winslow will turn his first laps at South Boston Speedway in his #83 Chevrolet Late Model Stock Car. With the 2009 racing season less then two weeks away Eric will use this practice on Saturday as a chance to get the car up to speed and get valuable seat time for next Saturdays opening weekend. This practice also will provide the team with some data that they can use in the upcoming weeks and get a good starting point for the season. We would also like to remind everyone that you can still get your name on the hood for twenty five dollars check the website for more information. Also, we have new t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts available with our new number, 83 in stock and can be ordered off
(By: John Moody)

Number Change
Tuesday February 10th 2009
Winslow Motorsports would like to announce some big news for the 2009-racing season. After many racing seasons Eric Winslow has been known for two things, driving the wheels off his racecars on Saturday nights and the number 22 but beginning on March 14th a new era in Winslow Motorsports will begin with the debut of the #83 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Eric and the team decided to carry on the 83 after Peyton Sellers used it during his rookie season at South Boston Speedway. Sellers is now making great strides in his career after capturing Rookie of the Year in the Late Model Stock Car Division at South Boston Speedway he has gone on the win a National Championship, finished 3rd in points in the NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch East Series, and also will be attempting 10 Nationwide Series races this year. The whole team is very excited about the new number and also about setting a legacy of there own this year. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks, as final preparations will began to take place for the March 14th race at South Boston.
(By: John Moody)

Sponsor Announcements
Saturday January 31st 2009
It's been a busy week at Winslow Motorsports as January comes to a close, only a little over a month till racing season starts up. We are excited to announce some new sponsors that have signed on this week along with Letchworth Funeral Home. The Bar-B-Que Stand in Scotland Neck,NC is a local favorite in Hailfax County. Bell's Country Store in Hobgood, NC is also a great place to grab a quick bite to eat. David Mayer Farms in Hobgood, NC and also Affordable Decals in Pactolus,NC has joined the team for the 2009 racing season at South Boston. Winslow Motorsports is very excited about the sponsors and the opportunity to showcase there business through out the region. Stay tuned for a big time announcement in the next few weeks that will give Winslow Motorsports a new look.
(By: John Moody)

Awards Banquet
Friday January 23rd 2009
The Winslow Motorsports team will head to Jacksonville, NC for Coastal Plains Raceway's Awards Banquet. The team finished 2nd in the Site Maxx Limited Late Model division tied for the Championship. The rookie team became the fans favorite during the year, gaining the eye of new sponsors that came on board during 2008 season. Paragon Insulation & Auntie M Reality joined the team for the title run at Coastal Plains. As one Rookie year has quickly ended, another has already begun. Eric Winslow and the 22 Bullets are heading to South Boston Speedway in 2009 as a rookie team yet again, stepping up to Nascar Late Model Stock competition. Sponsors have changed for the 2009 season with the addition of Letchworth Funeral Home & Monument Company in Scotland Neck, NC. Moody Dozer Works , Stroud Real Estate , Winslow Turf & Tea , Sticker Express , Winslow T2 & Fleming Body Shop are all signed on ready to go for 2009. This year has the potential to be the teams best year yet from the early interest in sponsors and fans.

Winslow Motorsports put a close on the 2008 season Saturday night in Jacksonville. Coastal Plains Raceway held the annual post-season racing banquet to reflect on the achievements and memorable competition during the season. Eric Winslow collected his well-deserved trophy after finishing 2nd in the Site Maxx Limited Late Model division tied for the championship. Eric Winslow wrapped up his rookie year at Coastal Plains with 12 starts, 3 wins, 11 top 5s and 12 top 10s.The team is excited and optimistic about the upcoming racing season knowing that the sky is the limit and that the team is capable of anything with patience and perseverance. Its an exciting time at Winslow Motorsports, as the team is looking forward to bring back the Winslow name at South Boston Speedway in March!
(By: John Moody)
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Big Update Comming Soon
Thursday January 8th 2009

Now that the Holiday's are over the team is back at work geting ready for the fast approaching race season. We have new SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES located on the sponsor page, Check them out! Also we have a update for the fans coming up in the next week that you don't want to miss, So stay tuned over the next week to find out what all the hype is about!!

Happy Holiday's

Have a safe and Happy Holiday's from all of us at Winslow Motorsports. Were one step closer to getting race ready for South Boston Speedway. The body has been repaired & painted after a long Thanksgiving at Fleming Body Shop. The team came back and had the body on in just a couple days, Even a few decals have been applied from Sticker Express. We will have new pictures up in a few days & pictures from the Moody Dozer Works Post Season Party. The team is still looking for sponsors for 2009. There is no sponsor to small , if you are interested or know someone interested in sponsoring a race car please email or call Eric Winslow at 252-578-4380

Post Season Update

Welcome to the new home on the web of Winslow Motorsports. This website has just been created, if you find any links that are broken or do not work
please contact us at As of now we are getting the body off, painted, and will be prepping all winter for the 2009 racing season at South Boston Speedway. So far things are running smoothly. Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving.