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"Some of Blake's Favs"

One of your Favorite DJ/Producers - Grooverider 


MC - GQ (Good Quality)        GQ

Label - There isn't one favorite

Techno DJ/Producer - Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills

Hardcore DJ/Producer - Dan Doormouse

Music other than D+B - Hip Hop

City in the US - New York City

City in the world - I haven't been anywhere else than the US accept for Mexico, but that was just on the border. So I really can't answer that question.

D+B website - Drum and Bass Arena (UK)

Things to do - Chill and puff la while mixing records, walking around the city (Milwaukee) on a sunny day in spring, when things start to warm up.

Online record store - Red Eye Records (UK)

Record Store - Massive Record Source (Milwaukee)

Rave you went to - Energize (Ultraworld, 2Tuff) November 28th 1998, DC Armory, Washington DC

Coffee or Tea Coffee (Mocha)

Favorite Food - Chinese and Mexican

Favorite TV Show - Tom Green Show

Shoe - Globe (Australia)

ProFusionSearch Engine


Rest in Peace Kemistry!


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