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           Blake B   is one of the up and coming  DJ/Promoters hailing from the midwest.  Just one of the many talents  the FutureForces promotion company has to offer.  He's been doing his  thing for awhile now, and has been around jungle/drum and bass since   his early high school days.  He was introduced to jungle from a tape that his friend had around the days of 93' and 94', it was love at first site. Instantly he borrowed the tape and dubbed it.  From then he went to his first rave.  He found out a year or two later that he didn't just want to be a listener and supporter, he wanted to find his place in the jungle.  That's when he started buying records.  After that, is when he matched his first records. Over the years drum and bass rapidly formed into different kinds.  Along with the progress of  drum and bass, Blake B progresses with it.  Bringin all the headz massive soundz they want to hear.  From dark-steppin to amens, and yes to all those classics.  This kats deep.  He's played at alot of events and clubs and will continue to until he reaches his max (if there is one).  Not only is he dedicated to drum and bass he sometimes has to travel far (east and west) to see some of his favorite drum and bass DJ/Producers.  Some of those include: Grooverider, Fabio, Keltech, L Double, Dylan, Facs, Andy C, Ant Miles, Ray Keith, Ed Rush, Trace, Optical, Matrix, Digital, Photek, Dom and Roland, Goldie and TeeBee just to name a few.  So be on the lookout for Blake B in your area.  When you see him, mention to him that you love jungle/drum and bass. And, be on the lookout for a new mixtape and cd coming out this summer !


        For booking info e-mail: blake_b@angelfire.com

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