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I am now an Amazon Associate, which basically means that if you follow a link from my site to Amazon and buy something, they give me money. It ain't going to make me rich, but I thought- what the hell. At least it's a chance to show you some books that I think are well worth a look, and maybe you'll give one or more of them a try.If anyone has suggestions for other books to put up here, please e-mail me.

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The Narrow Journey
A terrific book by Deborah Clawson Johnson, better known to me as Debby J. This has one of the most endearing characters I've ever gotten to know: poor, plain, brave, just downright stubborn Lucie. And Charles is pretty damned sexy too

Evans Above
The first in the truly charming Evan Evans mystery series by Rhys Bowen. Set in the tiny Welsh Village of Llanfair, which has almost as many weirdos as Killarmon

The Dark Is Rising Sequence/Silver on...
This is supposedly a children's book but any fan of fantasy or good writing would enjoy these dark tales of Celtic mythology weaved in with modern mystery. Another Welsh connection

Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy
And yet another Welsh connection, I've been a fan of these books for years. Well written, well researched, and the sexiest Merlin in literature

Waking the Messiah
A book by my friend JoAnne Soper-Cook. Very dark and disturbing but a great read

Two for the Lions
The latest paperback available in Lindsey Davis's wonderful Falco series. Set in ancient Rome, but Marcus Didius Falco has to be an ancestor of Sam Spade. These books are like potato chips, there's no way you can have just one.

Fast Women
The latest from my favorite romance writer Jennifer Crusie. All of her books are a scream and this new one may be the best yet

The Fifth Elephant : A Novel of the Discworld
The latest in Terry Pratchett's brilliantly loony fantasy series

Good Omens
The funniest book ever written. Better for depression than chocolate, Prozac, or Killian's Red. Written by Terry and Neil Gaiman, who also writes some pretty damned good books on his own

The Traditional Irish Wedding
A very cool book for fans of Ireland or fans of weddings, or fans of both, written by a very cool Irish lady who grew up in England and now lives right here in Ohio- Bridget Haggerty

A great laugh by Irish writer Marian Keyes. Check out all of her books if you like funny, quirky romances with an Irish edge

The Barrytown Trilogy
Roddy Doyle's wonderful trio of books about a mad Dublin family

Ladies' Night at Finbar's Hotel
A collection of short stories from some of Ireland's best literary ladies, including Maeve Binchy

The Hounds of the Morrigan
Another kids' book but a great read for all ages by Pat O' Shea. You'll meet loads of characters from Irish legends and two very funny kids

Notes from a Small Island
Bill Bryson is the funniest travel writer around and this one about his travels through the UK is one of his best

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
The first in CS Forester's Horatio Hornblower series. Here for somewhat obvious reasons, although I haven't read them all. I'd rather watch Ioan Gruffudd pretending to be him, which you can also buy here:
Horatio Hornblower

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