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Hiya! If you've visited before, you'll notice that my (as yet) unpublished novel has undergone a title change. The former Dyke Duffy and the Dogs Days of Killarmon is now Mad Dogs and Irishmen, partly because the other title was causing some, ur, confusion, shall we say. Since I am far too lazy to change every single thing on this site from DD to MD, you'll still see links and such that have the old title. Hopefully this won't cause much confusion. I did publish a print-on-demand version of the book a couple of years ago as a sort of test to gather feedback, but I now have an agent who is shopping it to publishers so the POD is no longer available. If you happen to BE a publisher, then I just want you to know that begging is not beneath me.
Just kidding.
Sort of.

There are other bits on here, short stories and ramblings and current obsessions, and I hope you'll find the time to look around a bit. Maybe you can find something to entertain you, make you laugh, make you randy, or make you mad. At any rate, thank you for visiting and I would love to hear your comments. Even the bad ones. A little warning first, however- my writing is for adults. It contains the occasional bad word (anyone who has ever spent any time in Ireland won't be shocked by this) and at least a couple of the short stories have S-E-X in them. If this kind of thing offends you, you should probably skip them.
Hope you'll come back soon!

The Obligatory Bio
Stuff you probably don't give a rat's about but I'm going to put here anyway

Mad Dogs and Irishmen
A synopsis and the prologue from my novel

Other Killarmon Stuff
More ramblings from my alternate reality. Read a letter back home from Sam, find out the truth about Danny's poetry, learn to speak like a real Killarmon native. Yes, I KNOW it's all made up- humor me

Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction
The continuing tale of Horatio and the Irish Rebel woman, Ciara. One of those bits you don't want to read if you're sensitive

Bits and Pieces
Other fan fic and short stories

My Weird Life
Ah yes, that daily (or more realistically--weekly) writer's journal. Okay, okay, it's a blog. I can hardly bring myself to use the word. But now you can post stuff too!

The Bookstore Thingy
My bookstore. Links to some great books you can buy there

Some of my favorite web pages, including links for writers and some links to pages about a "real" Killarmon

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