Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction

These stories are based on the A&E television series "Horatio Hornblower", more so than the literary version by C.S. Forester. No copyright infringement is intended, it's just for fun. These stories do contain sexual situations and spicy language, so if you think you may have a fainting spell PLEASE don't read them. This style is not really my forte but I had fun writing them and I hope you have fun reading them. At least the poor boy finally gets laid.

First Encounter

Chance Encounter

And for anyone interested in learning more about the star of Hornblower, Ioan Gruffudd (who some think also bears a resemblance to a certain Irish bin man) here are some nifty sites about him:

Sally's brilliant site
if it ain't there then you don't need to know it

Rodsella Michelle's site
A fan all the way from Panama!

Ilona's Ioan site
okay, so some of it is in Dutch, but there's loads of great stuff nonetheless

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