I have had so many people ask me about "Danny's" poetry that I thought I would put it up here and explain a little about its author. It wasn't written by myself, or indeed by a twenty four year old Irishman, but by a young woman named Sarah Stemmer. I met her on line, and when I saw her website I knew I had to ask her to help me out, since I write poetry about as well as I can paint. Which is- not at all. She very kindly agreed, and I couldn't believe what she sent me. It really DID sound like Danny wrote it, and this after reading only a small passage from the book and a short description of the character. She went on to become the very first person to read Dyke Duffy in its entirety, and also became a very good friend. We finally met in New Orleans last March and had a blast. Please take the time to read more about this very cool woman, first from her job's site:

Zogby International

and then on her own personal site:

Coffee Buzz

And here are the poems-

Danny writes about his home:

You embrace me in your lush expanses
The east winds blow
Filling me with an unending fire
Fire of wisdom, yet innocence
Yes, contradictions
Simplicity & complexity
Sublime yet intense
Meek and yet powerful
I am a dark horse basking in your glow
You are my strength
My weakness
My pride
Embrace me - your adopted one
Into your arms
Motherland, My home

Danny writes about the woman he loves:

Can you see me?
Hiding in the shadows - in the spotlight
I watch you - I observe
I drink you into my skin

Can you hear me?
In silence - screaming at the top of my lungs
As a symphony - I listen
The sounds invade my mind

You are my salvation
A shaft of light piercing the darkness
A dream - but a scalding reality
You intoxicate my senses
Awakening my soul
I know, I will never be the same

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