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Paraprofessional Training
"Human problems will, always remain, but the way to resolve them should be through dialogue and discussion. The next century should be a century of dialogue and discussion rather than one of war and bloodshed."
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his millennial address

Dear Future Ambassador,

Thank you for your interest in this exciting and groundbreaking certification course.  Religion courses abound at universities and colleges and, in many cities, there are growing opportunities to learn about different faiths without conversion to another belief.  There are also many introductory courses and sessions within individual faith communities. 

But there has been nothing quite like this.

The need for effective interfaith ambassadors has increased with growing religious pluralism throughout the world, more especially closer to home.  This is a foundation-building course for peace.  

In this course you will learn about different faiths and local faith communities.  You will gain a deeper respect of your own faith tradition as you learn to be respectful and honoring of other faith traditions, becoming an effective interfaith ambassador.

Each class is designed to have diverse involvement and open discussion. There is a limit of participants in each class to facilitate interfaith dialogue. 

Call or email for your application today.

In service to God and humanity,

Rev. John-Brian Paprock, 

Director – Inroads Interfaith Ministry

Founder – International Society of Interfaith Ambassadors

Certification Class Outline

Through the classes, participants develop an interfaith vocabulary, learn related history and discuss contemporary issues.  There are opportunities to learn about others and ourselves.

There are at least 10 classes or sessions:

  1. Introduction to Interfaith
  2. Sacred Earth Traditions I (native)
  3. Sacred Earth Traditions II (modern)
  4. Eastern Sources (Buddhism, etc.)
  5. Mid-East Sources (Islam, Jewish)
  6. Christianity I (Apostolic/Historic)
  7. Christianity II (American Protestants)
  8. Universalist Traditions (UU, Baha’i)
  9. NRMs, MRMs, Cults
  10. Conclusion – Awarding of Certificates

Related topics and vocabulary include:

v     Basic tenets of the World Religions

v     Inter-religious Dialogue

v     Religious Freedom & Tolerance

v     Discrimination and Persecution

v     Problems of Exclusive Groups

v     Ethnicity, Culture and Religion 

v     Work of Interfaith Ambassadors

v     and more.

As much as possible, local members of religious and spiritual groups are guest speakers. 

The course includes “A Workbook for Interfaith Ambassadors” written and compiled by Rev. John-Brian Paprock after over 10 years of interfaith experience and 5 years coordinating interfaith service and events.

SCHEDULE (Fall 2001)

Enrollment is limited to 12 per class with a 5 participant minimum.

(Madison, Wisconsin Area)

Fall Class

September – November, 2001

6:30pm-8pm Thursday evenings

Class dates and Madison area location are to be determined.


Classes may be scheduled in other cities or regions with enough interest.  Please make requests directly to Inroads. 

Contact us today to get an application by email or call (608) 681-0139.

The Interfaith Ambassador Certification program is offered to anyone regardless or race, sex, sexual preference or creed.  Anyone may apply for certification, but must complete the coursework to the acceptability of the instructor before certification can be granted.  This includes 70% or better course attendance and 70% or better completion of course work. Fees, tuition and required supplies for the course are due by the first class.


Tuition and Fees


         $25   Administration and processing fee  (minimum due at registration)

            $40   Materials (workbook, etc.)

            $150  Tuition*

*Tuition discounts for early enrollment:

Save $50 by registering at least 3 weeks before the first class.

Save $25 by registering at least 10 days before the first class.

Scholarships for low-income participants are available for all or part of the tuition. Please submit a letter describing the financial circumstances and need. There are also scholarships available through the facilities where classes will be held.

Interfaith Ambassador Certification Program

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