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"Experience shows that the deeper we go into our respective religions, the more clearly we find that basic love of God and love for all humanity which should unite us all. The more rooted one is in one's own tradition the freer and more secure one becomes in facing our fellow human beings and finding our unity in God and in our shared aspirations."
- Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios, former President of the World Council of Churches

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The Interfaith Ambassador Certification Program is a 10 to 16 session curriculum that assists people of diverse faiths and beliefs in becoming better representatives of their own faiths to others and sources of accurate information of other faiths within their own tradition.

This certification program is intended for individuals grounded in their faith tradition who see the need for improving the relations between those of diverse beliefs. 

The certification curriculum highlights understanding the other religious and spiritual traditions in a community, especially those of the world's largest religious traditions. There are also lessons on new and marginal religious movements, trends and current issues of religion in today's society, and interfaith leadership.

Each session has "homework." One focus is on developing an interfaith vocabulary of interfaith terms and common terms of various belief systems.  The other on learning about personal attitudes and knowledge.

Throughout the certification curriculum, there are opportunities to learn about what other religions believe, how to respectfully visit their ceremonies, what issues people of that faith may confront in their day-to-day life in America, including views of interfaith marriages, sexuality and family.

After graduating the program, participants will be certified Interfaith Ambassadors and will receive a handsome certificate. 

Inroads Interfaith Ministry is checking into the viability of credit offering and/or ongoing training hours for professionals, but one does not need to be a professional to participate.

The Interfaith Ambassador Certification program is offered to anyone regardless or race, sex, sexual preference or creed. Anyone may apply for certification, but must complete the coursework to the acceptability of the instructor before certification can be granted. This includes 70% or better course attendance and 70% or better completion of course work. Fees, tuition and required supplies for the course are due by the first class.

Course Texts can be ordered separately, but will not be available until Winter 2001-2002. If interested, please email us.

Inroads policy has always included scholarships so that no one is turned away. Inroads is a non-profit ministry that will also be seeking grants to fund the development and enrollment costs for the program. If you know of any grants or wish to make a contribution, please contact us.

The Interfaith Ambassador Certification Program and curriculum are the property of Inroads and Rev. John-Brian Paprock. Not for public distribution at this time. Only links to these pages are allowed at this time.

"What we have needed all along are trained ambassadors from one faith to the others to avert the problems of ignorance and fear that make good people afraid of others and not-so-good people act in violence against fictitious enemies." - Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock, founder of the International Society of Interfaith Ambassadors

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