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Interfaith and Inner-Faith Ministries

Reverend John-Brian Paprock, founder/director

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Inroads Pastoral Counseling Service
Inroads Interfaith Ministry ~ Interfaith Ambassador Certification
Holy Transfiguration Syrian Orthodox Mission ~ community ministry
Art of Spiritual Healing (with John-Brian's on-line gallery)
Theosis Organizational Consulting & Training
Cyber-Priest ~ Prayer Requests

Can You Be Healed by Internet Prayer (OnHealth article)
Online Confessional(Tech News article Cyber-Priest featured

Personal Mission
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Recovery & Renewal Workshops and Retreats

Upcoming Events Calendar
Spiritual Recovery & Renewal

Christian Dhyanam Practice (Meditation/Hesychast Prayer)

Workshops & Seminars

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Other Links

Sacred Sites of Wisconsin
A Guide Book by John-Brian and Teresa Paprock

The Hunger Site Home - Donate Food for Free

Star of
 where millennial journeys begin

True Grace Internet Ministries ~ Internet Ministers Association Links


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