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April 4, 1999

My personal ISP has changed, so I've gone through most of the site fixing links to graphics and such, referenced from there.
As many of you have already noticed, LucasFilm has shutdown most Stormtrooper related sites. The Wookiee Cantina hasn't been shutdown, they're now known as
Something to look at is Fan Garrison which is a global Stormtrooper group site which is a huge group of fans showing off their personal Armour.

November 5, 1998

I'll bet you've thought I've abandoned this site... Nope, I've just been too busy!! Updated the main, links and My own suit pages to reflect new site locations, and cleanup broken links.

June 2, 1998

Finally!!! How to build a Stormtrooper Costume is back on-line. I have updated all the links to it on many pages.

May 3, 1998

Made an addition to the main page for extreme fans.

April 26, 1998

Made an addition to the main page for the Build Your Own Boba Fett site. I've had a number of surfers ask me if I knew where another Boba site might be (Of course Imperial Imposters covers this Bounty Hunter as well)... now I do :)

April 19, 1998

Made some more changes to a number of award pages as well as the Links page correcting problems with bad links and changed addresses.

April 17, 1998

Added a NedStat tracker/counter to my main page.
Made some more changes to the Gold Site Awards page (Sorry TK719, you're finally on there).

April 13, 1998

Made an addition to the main page... Gerardo Follano finally has an internet presence at Gerardo Follano's Armor & Props. This is the most amazing armor available today!! The detail is unbelievable, you have to see it for yourself.
Made changes to the links page.
Made changes to the Gold Site Awards page.

April 12, 1998

Happy Easter!!
Made some changes to the main page... will be changing every page to correct issues with changing ISPs.
  • a java script (last date modified) that wasn't working too well (sorry Netscape users, it still doesn't work for you)
  • As well as adding the Armor F/X link. Who else is dying to find out what's going to happen...
  • Dropped the Star Wars Community... they changed their ideals, and I didn't :)

  • March 23, 1998

    Added a new section for Kevin Rubio's TROOPS Video off of my main page. This is a great video which is being hosted by in .MOV format. The video is a spoof of COPS featuring the Imperial TROOPS. It's fabulous!!

    March 7, 1998

    Added Imperial Outfitters to the main page. This is a great site that sells a complete set of Armour (including helmet) for $1000 US. Change my main page to reflect the new name of EDC Studios which used to have displayed pages of their Stormtrooper Armour, but have removed it because of too many requests for info. which never turned into a sale. So now you must request info. about their armour, only if you are serious. Another site added was CustomArmor. They are just beginning a custom armour site for those vertically challenged :)

    February 23, 1998

    Changed the main page to reflect the new location of "The Star Wars Community".

    February 22, 1998

    Because of space (or lack thereof), I moved all the .wav files to my personal web page, changing the Sound page to reflect the new location. Again, thanks to Daniel Tennant at Tennants Ultimate Star Wars Site for getting me all the sounds (Unfortunately I'm missing two sounds).

    February 19, 1998

    Changed link for Imperial Imposters to new link at "" on both the main page, and the links page. Rodney's site was down over the Christmas holiday, but now it's back up, and at a new locale on Geocities.
    Changed the main page to incorporate this much needed UPDATES page.

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