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Stormtrooper Information Central
Stormtrooper Information Central

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Stormtrooper Information Central


The Imperial STORMTROOPER is the foot soldier of the Empire. They are serving by the thousands in highly-trained Legions aboard starships, starbases, outposts, and countless worlds where the presence of the Empire is needed. Their characteristic white armor conceals the blackness of their souls. Their minds have been molded flawlessly into mere extensions of the Emperor's will. They cannot be bribed, influenced or pleaded with; they are carefully selected for their unquestioning determination to serve the Emperor to the death.

The standard STORMTROOPER uniform consists of a black, temperature-controlled body glove, over which is worn a white, contoured, 18 piece, anti blaster, thick armor shell, consisting of: torso, abdomen / cod piece, back torso / oxygen unit, lower back / posterior and two of each of; upper arm, fore arm, thighs, lower leg, hands, boots and shoulders. This durable uniform is a practical spacesuit, which will protect it's wearer in almost any environment, from total vacuum to extremes in cold and heat for a limited time. Breathable air is normally taken in through filtered vent slots on the forward sides of the uniform helmet, but in emergency situations-as in movement underwater or through open space-a 20 minute atmosphere supply built into the armor's backplate automatically provides the wearer with oxygen.


The Imperial Snowtroopers are special corps of Stormtoopers trained to fight on ice and snow covered worlds. They are a first-strike force designed to suppress opposition quickly. Their armor provides protection against low temperatures as well as blaster fire. Breather hood envelopes face plate and feeds into suit liner. Back packs contain heating units and survival gear.

Biker Scout

The Imperial Biker Scouts are assigned to garrison posts. They perform speeder bike patrols and reconnaissance missions. They wear specialized light-weight armor that enables them to easily handle their speeder bikes. This specialized uniform is similar to Stormtrooper uniforms but they are simpler and more pared down, with pieces of white body armor attached to a black undergarment. There is a breastplate with connecting shoulder, elbow, and forearm pieces, and a wide, utilitarian belt. The helmets, with a built-in breathing apparatus and opaque eye covering, enclose and protect the entire head.


Private..... Corporal..... Sergeant..... Master Sergeant..... 2nd Lieutenant..... 1st Lieutenant..... Captain..... Major..... Lt. Colonel..... Colonel..... Brigadier General..... Major General..... Lt. General..... General

Emperor's Royal Guard

An elite group of hand-picked STORMTROOPERs who have stood out in combat become the personal protectors of the Emperor. They are Imperial Guards. They receive the best training and equipment in the Empire. As fierce warriors, protecting the Emperor with their very lives, they wear helmets and combat armor under their ceremonial robes.

Ranks of an Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard--Inductee...... Imperial Guard--Cadet...... Imperial Guard--General...... Imperial Guard--Admiral...... Imperial Royal Guard...... Imperial Sovereign Protector

Personal Favorites

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The Wookiee Cantina changed to Galaxy Trading carries just about everything, including accessories needed for your White Body Armor kit!
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Stormtrooper HQ

Stormtrooper HQ - You will have been briefed during your journey here as to the honor that has been bestowed upon you. You may already be aware that only the soldiers of the highest dedication to the Empire, with the greatest love for the Emperor, and those with the greatest desire to achieve can be qualified to wear the armor of an Imperial Stormtrooper.

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Build Your Own Boba Fett - No this is not a Stormtrooper site. This is a great do it yourself instructional site for building your own Boba suit!

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