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To be performed outside in a natural setting; no need to cast a circle

You will need:
a chalice of red wine
a plate of cakes
a censer with charcoal blocks
Pan incense
to make this incense, grind the following dried ingredients to a powder with a morter and pistle:
patchouli leaves
bay leaves
pine needles
Then add:
4 drops of clove oil
a pinch of honey
3 drops of blood
3 drops of urine
a dash fo cayenne pepper
a pinch of powered ginger

Make a small turf altar by piling up a mound of earth
Place upon it a chalice of red wine, a plate of cakes and a censer in which is burning charcoal blocks
Stamp your left foot 3 times on the ground to signal the beginning of the ritual and then heap a small pile of Pan incense onto the charcoal blocks.
"Io Evohe, Io Pan, Evohe Pan
Io Evohe, Io Pan, Evohe Pan"
(pronounced eye-o, eve-oh-ah)
Include whatever movements you feel are appropiate eg clapping, dancing, playing the pan pipes, etc for as long as it takesfor you to feel that the diety has manifested
"O thou Piper from the hills of Arcady
I adore thee Evohe, I adore thee IAO (eee-aaah-ooo)
O cloven-hoofed, wildcrafting Greenman
I adore thee Evohe, I adore thee IAO
O Lord of plants and animals
I adore thee Evohe, I adore thee IAO"
and continue to inesnt more titles to honour Him if you find yourself inspired, or else repeat the ones written here
When you exhaust yourself kneel down, relax and toast the Horned God of nature.  When ready, thank him for his presence, bid him depart and then consume the wine and eat a cake.  Lie down on the ground and allow your impression of the ritual to gather.  Allow yourself to ground by becoming super-aware of the earth beneath you.  Eventually stand up and acknowlegde formally that the ritual has concluded by stomping your right foot on the ground 3 times.

Taken from Witchcraft Magazine

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