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Joel and Carrie



Joel and Carrie


Joel & Spiro



Occupation: Triathlete, Sports Shop assistant/personal trainer, marine biologist

Residence: 26, 28 & 30 Ramsay Street

Related to:
Bernie Samuels Sean Scully and Brenda Samuels - Pixie Jones- (son) -1999

Love interests: Anne WilkinsonHannah Martin,  Sally Upton ,  Geri Hallet ,  Amy Greenwood,  Natalie Rigby ,         Dee Bliss,  Carrie Clarke ,  Felicity Scully,  Simone.

Notable moment: Almost dying while being pinned under a boat in a river.

Joel's arrival in on the Kennedy's door step was rather unexpected. Joel was friends with Malcolm Kennedy in London. When Mal invited Joel to stay with the Kennedy family in Erinsborough, he neglected to tell his family to expect him. After spending some time as a boarder at the Kennedy house, Joel moved in to No.30 with Toadie and Sarah. He Joel was known for taking his athletic training seriously, training for triathlons and working part time as a personal fitness instructor. His sporting dream was jeopardised when he was trapped under a car in rising flood waters, and only Karl Kennedy's quick thinking saved him from drowning. Joel had a short romance with Sally upton from the Radio station and later an off and on relationship with Dione Bliss. Joel and Dee left Erinsborough when Joel was offered a diving job up the coast.

Clip Posing 1:19 Libby Drew Toadie Cow Boy 1:01 Toadie  Amy & Bob Joel & Natalie 0:39  

976k Win some loose some 0:49 With Karl Toadie & Jock Finch _ Reg Gorman-

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