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Summary Page


Week 17 Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills

In a game where the quarterbacks were as different as black vs. white, the Seahawks looked like they were headed to a funeral. Doug Flutie had a perfect 158.3 rating, with a 20/25-269yds-3td-0int-crazy-good kind of night. Kitna's day was a bit more bleak, take for example the final two Hawk drives. First Kitna fumbles at midfield, and its returned back to the Seahawk 28 yard line. Second drive, he tossed it out to Ricky, the ball is tipped, and it lands in a rookie DE for Buffalo. Those atempts did not make a good last impression on Holmy before he starts swinging the axe.
Neither teams D was great, in fact, the Hawks showed their 31st ranked squad loud and clear to all those who watched in letting a Bills team (who had lost their last four) gain nearly a team record in total offense(580 yards total, unofficial). All the Hawks can do now is go back to the drawing board, then the executioner's block, then the draftboard, and finally try this thing once more, and we the fans will hope and cheer that the Hawks will be victorious.

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