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The ratings are of my personal opinion of the site, and its from 1-10, 10 being the best, yadda yadda yadda. As soon as I get a little more websites to link to, I'll make a table, but until then here's a short list.


This is a great looking website, with good info and articles. It also has a download section where you can get backrounds, pictures, etc.


The stats site of all Seahawks site. This is the official site, you can get everything from ticket info, to the backup kicker's info. But fan opinions and articles are few a far between.


This site is getting better all the time. Their rumor mill section is definately a plus. Good graphics, probably my second choice for best Seahawks sites. Only downside is the lack of newer information.

Kohary's Cove


This site is awesome for straight up numbers info, and links. The FAQ is incredible, a lot of time was spent on this, and it shows. Downside is, there's little more do discover than the FAQ.

If you wanna be part of the humungous list I have going here, drop me a line, and I'll put you on.
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