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Deep Forest Graphics

Artwork by
Jason Robert Beirens

I am a 20 year old Washington State resident. I am mostly a self taught artist, but I have taken many art classes over the years. These are some sketches...I can also do watercoloring and fully inked work...hope that you enjoy them...
I will be adding more pictures, some comic book pages, and some more stories that I have written, in the near future.
Also please excuse the look of the pictures the scanner used did not pick up on all the details. They are not as sketchy as they look.



Flying Fish

This was influenced by
James C. Christianson

Swampthing in Bloom

This is my version
of swamp thing

Swamp Thing

They Call Me Jack

One of my friends is
obsessed with Jack the Ripper,
so this picture is for Daks

Tale by the Fire

This is a very small
part of a very big story




This is a small collection
of drawings that I made
of faeries

A Demon

This picture is reflective
of my interest in mythology
and the writings of shakespeare


Boid Boyz

They're anamorphic characters
...their names are
Merlin and Sparrow Jack

Spot the Faeries

This is my attempt at
drawing a woman



Blustery Man

This is a character
that I created, and
that has a very long
story which I will
tell later



Man in top hat

this picture accidently
looks like Harvey Keital



A little closure for Timberius and Naanis, from the Marvel comic Inhumans. Sorry about the blotches of color new scanner picks up to much. The characters of course belong to Marvel comics and I use them in homage to the great company.



Page 1 of a multiple page mostly silent tale.

Forgiveness Page 2

Page 2 of the story.


This is the first peice of
writing. More will follow. I welcome criticism


This is a short story, unlike the first peice. Hope you enjoy it.

Man and the Moon

This is an origin of a character that my friend and I created.


This a novel in progress.

City of Kings

I will update this later...promise

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This should go without saying but all info and images on this and my other pages are copyright of Deep Forest Graphics