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It's not easy being a teenaged martial artist named Ranma Saotome, but it's even worse when your martial artist father, Genma, takes you from home at an early age to go on a decade-long training mission to China. He doesn't speak a word of Chinese, and yet he insists on bringing you to the cursed training grounds known as JUSENKYO, where falling into one of the many springs instantly turns you into whoever---or whatever---drowned there last. And then, the two of you have this little ACCIDENT...


From now on, a splash of cold water will turn your father into a giant panda, while you...well, you turn into a red-haired (and incredibly well-built) female version of yourself. Hot water will reverse the effect, but only until the next time. What's a half-guy, half-girl to do?



It all begins when Soun Tendo recieves a postcard from his long time friend Genma Saotome, saying he is bringing his son, Ranma Saotome from their 10-year long training trip in China. Soun, very excited, calls to his three daughters, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane to tell them why Genma and Ranma were coming. "If one of you three girls were to marry him...and carry on this training center...then the Tendo family legacy would be secure" Kasumi and Nabiki start questioning their father about what kind of guy Ranma is, while Akane is complaining about how they never met him, and it's unfair to just arrange a marriage. Soon after that, two visitors show up: A giant panda, and a red-haired girl. There is a huge shcok to learn that the red-haired girl is...Ranma Saotome!

As Soun is recovering from the shock, Akane and Ranma have a "little match" in the training hall. As they are fighting, Ranma dodges and jumps out of the way of Akane's kick's and punches. The match ends when Ranma flips over Akane, and taps her on the shoulder. Akane realizes that Ranma is no ordinary girl.

After Genma turns back into his human, form, he and Soun talk about what has happened. While that is going on, Kasumi insists that Ranma take a hot bath and get cleaned up. As Ranma is getting out of the shower, Akane (fully undressed) is walking in. Akane then flips out and proceeds to scream about the "pervert in the bathtub", and then Ranma walks out to entroduce himself. "I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry 'bout this."

Then the Saotome family, and the Tendo family sit down to hear the story of their curse. Genma starts the story:

It was two fateful weeks Mt. Quanjing, Bayankala Range, Qinghai Province, China

"Here, sir. Is legendary 'Training Groud of Accursed Springs," The Jusenkyo Guide said. "You very strange one, no, sir? This place very dangerous. Nobody use now. Is more than one hundred spring here...and every one have own tragic legend!"

Genma and Ranma start fighting anyway. Ranma knocks his father into the water, and instead of his father coming back up out of the water, he see's a Giant Panda.

"That is 'Spring of Drowned Panda'! There is tragic legend, very tragic of Panda...who drown there two thousand year ago! Now whoever fallin that spring...take body of panda!"

Then Genma, in his Panda form, knocks Ranma into another spring.

"Not 'Spring of drownded girl'! There is tragic legend, VERY tragic, of young girl who drown in thousand five hundred year ago! Now whoever fall in that spring...take body of young girl!"

Soun, who pronounces Ranma's problem as "isn't so terrible after all!", then offers his three daughters for Ranma to choose from for his fiancee: Kasumi, 19, Nabiki, 17, and Akane, 16. Kasumi and Nabiki nominate Akane, using the logic that "You hate boys, don't you?" states Nabiki, and then "So you're in luck! He's HALF-GIRL!" Kasumi chimes in. Akane, flabergasted at this, yells that she'll never marry "That Pervert" and as they continue arguing Genma and Soun chuckle about what a perfect couple they are already. The argument ends between Ranma and Akane, when Ranma states that he's seen himself naked in his girl-form as well, and he's "Built better to boot!". With that, Akane picks up the table and smashes it ontop of Ranma.

The next day a reluctant Akane accompanies Ranma to their high school, Furinkan High......and that's where the trouble really begins...

Thus starts the beginning of a fun-loving, light-hearted, comic series. Written by the ever-so-talented author, Rumiko Takahashi . There are many Characters in this delightful series. Also a few of them who have curses from the different Cursed Springs . Also, check out my small, yet growing Ranma 1/2 Gallery NEW: and underconstruction, is my section the Ranma1/2 Movies and OAV's! .