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The Accursed Springs

This section of my Ranma1/2 world is about the different Accursed springs that are at the Jusenkyo that some of the characters have fallen into.


"Here we have panda who drown in this spring 2000 year ago, quite a tragic story. I see man who not know Chinese so good get knock into spring by boy..."

(Genma Saotome was knocked into this spring by his son Ranma while they were training).


"This also tragic sotry. young girl drown here 1500 year ago. I think she should have take swimming lessons, no? Anyway, boy who knock man in panda spring fell in here."

(Ranma Saotome, shocked at seeing his dad as a panda, is knocked by him into this spring).


"Ah, this bad. Very young black piglet drown in this spring 1200 year ago. I not cook pork anymore because I almost cook poor traveler what was pig for panda-man."

(Ryoga was knocked into this spring by a certain girl chasing a certain panda around. Ryoga was almost eaten by Genma as sweet and sour pork).


"Cat drown in this spring 1800 year ago. Old woman what led beautiful girl here knock girl into spring. Young girl quite tragic she got curse..."

(When Shampoo returned to China, Cologne led her to Jusenkyo to be trained again, and knocked Shampoo into this spring).


"I not understand how, but duck drown in this spring 1300 year ago. Half-blind boy accidentally walk into spring...I not know why he did that either..."

(Mousse, who was training in Jusenkyo, fell into this spring on accident).


"Ah, I not know when, but man drown here a long time ago. I not see anyone fall in here for long time, but I hear some crazy peoples want jump in here. Why they want to do that?"

(This is the spring that apparently can cure Ranma, Ryoga, Genma, and Mousse of their curses, but they haven't been able to find it or get to it as of yet).

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