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About the Author

Rumiko Takahashi

Rumiko Takahashi was born in 1957 in Niigata, Japan. She attended a women's college in Tokyo, where she began studying comics with Kazuo Koike, author of CRYING FREEMAN. In 1978, she won a prize in Shogakukari's annual "New Comic Artist Contest." In that same year, her series LUM *URUSEI YATSURA began appearing in the weekly manga magazine SHONEN SUNDAY. This phenomenally sucessful series ran for nine years and would eventually go on to sell 22 million copies.

RANMA1/2 has proven even more successful. With fans coming from all ages and backgrounds, the series enjoys one of the most diverse readerships in all of comics. Other titles by Takahashi include the ongoing "Mermaid Saga" (MERMAID'S FOREST, MERMAID'S SCAR and MERMAID'S PROMISE), ONE-POUND GOSPEL, as well as the beloved bittersweet romantic comedy MAISON IKKOKU.

Unforgettable characters, brilliant storylines and a gentle creative touch make Takahashi one of the world's most popular comics artists. Animated versions of her workds are enormously popular among fans all over the world. Whatever the format, Rumiko Takahashi's works are in constant demand among those who appreciate unique storytelling genius.

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taken from the back of Ranma1/2 Volume 2, a Viz Graphic Novel