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Okay people, before we delve, and I mean DELVE into the secret life of Lisa Jane Smith...I'd like everyone to take a moment of silence and reflect on her many works because there will be much, much reading. I'm going to cover every single books she's written from cover to cover. I'm only going to give a brief synopsis of each book...then I will attempt to cover every possible topic of discussion. For all of you who know and love L.J.Smith...and maybe even Ms. Smith herself...this should be good. Also, I want comments and topics you'd like to see discussed...feel free to e-mail me at the address below. I'm going to try and put links to other LJ sites that are on the web too. So if you have one, send me the link...and i'll check it out and then link it to my page.

For each LJ trilogy and for each Night World book, I'll give them a rating. I'm going to be rating them against one another...not against non-LJ books. (LJ would always come out to be the winner in that case!) It will be a rating of a possible 5 black dahlias. Five will be the very dahlia being the not so great. After the dahlias, I will give the main reason for rating it as such. Feel free to give me feedback on my ratings. I love to discuss LJ books !

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