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About Salmonfly.Net

Salmonfly.Net is a free internet magazine which got it start in 1998 as a site for Salmon and Steelhead fly tyers to get some instructions for tying flies and to find lots of patterns. The style and format has changed many times over the years but the content has remained much the same. MORE...

Contributors to the Fly Tyer Series

Stevie MunnIrish Contributing Fly Tyer Stevie Munn has come through with several new double hook flies to add to his series. Although tied for Atlantic Salmon and Dollaghan, they could easily cross over as Steelhead or Pacific Salmon flies.

William Lovelace The newest contributor to Salmonfly.Net is Oregon fly tyer and fly fisherman William Lovelace. Bill has been gracious enough to allow us to display his flies, including some original creations for Steelhead. He also has contributed the featured article this month, Creativity in Fly Tying: Varying the Approach to Tying the Same Fly with Different Materials and Styles (see below). Bill it is a pleasure to have you on board.

Salmon/Steelhead Fly Tying Instructions

The IntruderWashington angler Ed Ward's Intruder is a fly that has created quite a stir in the last couple of years because it has broken away from traditional Steelhead fly designs and has from all reports been highly effective. This fly is big and bulky, creating a large profile for fish to spot and it swims like a small fish or squid in the water. It takes a little more time to tie, however, and it is difficult to find instructions anywhere on the internet. So here are detailed Step-By-Step instructions for tying it, with a few notes about Ed Ward's original design.

GB Skunk Series

In Creativity in Fly Tying: Varying the Approach to Tying the Same Fly with Different Materials and Styles, William Lovelace demonstrates with pictures and notes, how varying the materials and tying techniques for the same fly can change its properties and uses for different conditions.