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Jock ScottOregon fly fisherman and tyer Dave Potts was the 11th tyer to join as a Salmonfly.Net contributor. I wrote then that he was tutored by Mr. Bill Chinn, had an unusual enthusiasm for tying the Classics and had made a business of it after having worked as a commercial tyer for several years. He said he enjoyed tying antique replicas of salmon and trout fly patterns for his business, 'Victorian Flies'. At the time, he had a website called Victorian Flies, but it seems to be no longer in business. This is what he said about himself.

I have been involved in the sport since "I was a wee nipper!" (My brother Mike would often point aimlessly at the water and yell "there's one!!" and laugh uncontrollably.) But after forgiving my brother, I continued with the sport. While stationed in Mt Home, ID with the Airforce, I discovered the excitement and skill of FLYFISHING! Over the next several years, I became known for my trout and steelhead fly patterns and after moving back to Utah for school and Portland for work, started to tie commercially for several shops in both states. In 1989, I opened my fly tying business "Victorian Flies", reflecting an interest and specialization in the tying of antique Victorian fly patterns for salmon and trout.

My favorite quarry include lake species and a trout native to our area: The Sea-Run Cutthroat, an aggressive estuary trout that can reach 3-4lbs! I have been an active member of the Happy Hacklers Fly Club in Hillsboro, Oregon for 9 years and I currently edit the club newsletter. My fishing exploits have included the Rocky Mountains, Panama and the waters of Oregon and the pacific coast.

Being a member of a flyfishing club has provided the opportunity to meet good and generous people who know how to fish, laugh, and have a great time. I look forward to many more fishing adventures with you in the future!

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