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Contributing Fly Tyer Series

New William Lovelace Flies

Glen Grant Sprey

Bill Lovelace has submitted close to 200 flies to Salmonfly.Net, giving us a treasure trove of fly samples to try at the bench.  Check out these flies tied by Bill Lovelace for the IFF NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo Spey Plate. These are his 2014 and 2015 submissions. More about the Expo can be found from the link on Bill's fly sample pages. MORE...

Fly Patterns

Kilchis Killer

In addition to the numerous flies on the Contributing Fly Tyers page, you will find hundreds of other popular, traditional, and modern Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Saltwater, and Sea-Run Cutthroat flies on Salmonfly.Net. Begin by clicking on one of the links in the menu over the top of the page


Fly Tying Instructions

Tying Instructions

Salmonfly.Net was originally a simple fly-tying instructions site, thus the name "Fly-tying Guide". So, though more flies than you can count are invented every year, the basic the instructions never change. Start at Basic Instructions, and go from there.


Contributing Fly Tyer Series

New Ken Broadhead Flies (Jan 15)

Brindle Bug Tube 

In this throwback to the 70's Ken Broadhead ties some old flies with a new twist. He writes, Steve, these are flies that I've used since the 1970's. They are little different than the originals but pretty much the same fly with a couple of exceptions. More.


Contributing Fly Tyer Series

1998 Photo (Dennis holding a steelhead)

Many of the Salmonfly.Net contributors have written articles for Salmonfly.Net,  most about fly fishing or tying, or step-by-step fly-tying instructions for a particular fly. Most notable are the humorous stories of Dennis Dickson (above) of Dickson Flyfishing Steelhead Guides. All of his stories on this site center around instructions for tying one of his highly effective Steelhead flies. Dennis has years of experience as a guide and knows what works. Find all of these on the Articles page.

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