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The pictures below are pictures of me, Dustin. I dont find them very attractive, but maybe I am being to hard on myself, actually I kinda feel like these pictures are pretty good, but that I lack in attractivness in "real" life, as in when you might actually meet me.

This here picture got my best hair at Bethel High School in 1999.

Yes, this is my only girlfriend and she doesnt get jealous.

This is a few years old I think, most people seem to like this picture, but I dont really loook like that anymore

I have had more color added to this picture, so it's different, I also have 3 other tattoo's situated on my body. Maybe if yer lucky you might get to seem them. I am getting more tattoos in the coming months, check back for updates, I also have 4 pircings.

OK, enough pictures.

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