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Ampersand Records
Home of such great Swedish melodic hardcore bands as Adhesive and Stoned.

The ANTI- Web Site
They're not a record label, but they sell lots of punk CD's, LP's, and cassettes through mail-order. I would reccommend going here for your punk needs.

Burning Heart
This Swedish label has alll the best punk from that country, such as Millencolin and No Fun at All! Also, has some releases from non-Swedish bands like Bodyjar and Homegrown.

DIYrection Records
Cool New Jersey label devoted to unity in the hardcore/punk scene, and finding new bands. Well, they do a much better at explaining their "mission"!

Dr. Strange Records
Dr. Strange Records has the hugest catalog I have ever seen and has too many bands on their label to even begin to type here. Go Now!!!

Epitaph Records On-Line
This is the real-deal! Right now they have a form to fill out, probably for a mailing list, but soon they should have something cool set up.

Fat Wreck Chords
The official page right here for Fat Wreck Chords! This page rocks, lots of info on all your fave Fat Wreck bands, and of course you can order a shitload of stuff too. Really rad.

Fearless Records
This is a really cool Californian punk label with bands like Straight Faced,Blount, BigWig, Strung Out, White Kaps, and they also have some cool comps.

Hopeless Records
A small page devoted to the record label that has 88 Fingers Louie, Falling Sickness, Digger and a bunch of other kick ass punk bands!

Mighty Idy Records
This is the Mighty Idy Records homepage. Some parts are under construction but you can still get cool stuff from bands like Gob and Another Joe.

New Rec Archives
This a cool label with bands like Swinging Utters, Social Unrest, Loudmouths, and Anti-Flag.

Nitro Records
Nitro has some of the best bands on the earth on their label such as Guttermouth, Jugheads Revenge, AFI, One Hit Wonder, and Vandals.

POO PEE Records
This site is under construction but you can get an awesome compilation with bands like Less The Jake, Quincy Punx, GOB, and many more.

Radical Records
Cool NYC punk label with Blank-77 and some other cool '77 type punk (and some ska too).

Recess Records
This is a fucking rad record label with bands like Quincy Punx, F.Y.P., Furious George, and Propagandhi. Yes, FYP is still together and are on tour right now...

Raw Energy
This is easily the best indie label in Canada (IMO), and they have a bunch of really awesome SoOntario punk bands signed, like Five Knuckle Chuckle, Three Impotent Males, Random Killing, Trunk, Marilyn's Vitamins, the Tirekickers and more! All of these bands have a distinctive sound, and of course they all rock! This web site, run by Ryan Izzard, really does justice to the label's awesomeness. Sound clips, info on the bands, pics, great graphics and set-up all make this web site really stand out.

Round Flat Records
Great punk/hardcore cd's, cassettes, LP's, t-shirts and more. Wicked low prices!

Six Weeks Records
Good stuff including Anti-Flag, The Dread, Blanks 77, Submachine, and many more.

Theologian Records
Out of Order, early Pennywise, F.Y.P. and more from these Hermosa Beach punx!

United Records
Good page with bands like Sector Seven, butt first, Voice of Reason, and Trunk. More stuff also.

Victory Records
This is an awesome hardcore label, with such bands as:Strife,Integrity, Bloodlet, and Snapcase.

Label with Society Gone Madd!!!

VML Records
lots of good live 7 inches. I think they are up to 33 or something now. They just recently released the first Screeching Weasel full length LP on CD, plus 12 unreleased songs.

Your Mom's Records
Cool new record label from Michigan with melodic hardcore bands like The Complaints. They're putting out a big comp soon, so if you're in a band, go check it out! Course, check it out anyway!

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