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Whether you’re a Rock ‘N Roller, a Romantic, a Nashville Cat, or somewhere in between, you’ll find your favorite music here in the Dance Hall. Just choose the room that best describes your musical taste, give the button a click, and put on your dancin’ shoes.

If you’re looking for music with a particular theme, that’s here for you too. For example, Lovely Ladies are all songs about women and Summertime Sizzle brings back memories with some great summer tunes. There are even some special people who merit their very own rooms.

More music is always being added, and you never know when a brand new room might pop up.

Rock on!



America On Parade

Classic Cars Disco Inferno Gotta Dance Lovely Ladies Macho Men Motown Magic Nashville News Popcorn Paradise Rockin' Reunion Romantic Melodies Summertime Sizzle Travelin' 'Round

The Beatles Elton John Elvis Presley The Rolling Stones

Do you like to sing along with your favorite songs? The Lyrics Library will help you do just that. Songs from the Dance Hall rooms whose lyrics are in the Library will be marked.

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Are you having a hard time finding that certain song? Let me help you. Just e-mail me with the name of the song and what format you'd like.

NOTE: I don't distribute MP3's for the same reason I don't have them on this site ... copyright issues.

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Magic Sound Restoration
"Restoring America's Heritage, One Record at a Time"

Sandy's Wonderful Wizards of Rock Aerosmith!

Sunshine Angels (all about The Hansons)

If you have a website dedicated to a single band or artist and you'd like your link listed here, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by the Dance Hall. Before you leave, please boogie on over to my LipLines Guestbook and say "Hi".

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