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Every woman has beauty.
Make the most of yours with the use of proper skin care and color cosmetics.

It's a Colorful Life includes tips on skin care and the use of color cosmetics. Whether you like a lot of color or just a little, It's a Colorful Life will help you learn how to use color to your advantage. If you've been afraid to use color in the past, you'll get tips on how to ease into color application.

Start by learning how to care for your skin at Skin Care ABC's and move on through the pages. Fun in the Sun is full of info about protection from the sun's rays. The Hands-On Approach tells you the methods to use for applying and removing cosmetics. Color Harmony explains how to choose color cosmetics for your most flattering look anytime. Made in the Shade further breaks down how to choose light or dark shades of those colors. Wear It Well gives tips for applying color cosmetics. Finally, Best Hand Forward takes you through the perfect manicure.

If you have a question, or there's a topic you'd like to see addressed here, please e-mail me.

Skin Care ABC's Fun In The Sun Hands-On Approach Color Harmony Made in the Shade Wear It Well Best Hand Forward



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