underwater breathing chap 4

Chap 4> I was walking to school, the first, day dreading it, not because I really cared of trivial things like making a “good impression” or “fitting in” but because I was thinking of the night before, that guy I saw…..it fucked up my thoughts and invaded my sane mind. I sat down at my desk in the back ,and I stared ahead at my new teacher. I wondered how long it would be until I was out of this high school, this manufactured materialistic hell. Some guy winked at me from across the room. I turned my head away and cursed. I don’t know why this bothered me so. I just wanted out of this place. At lunch, I sat down at this table of the “popular kids”. I was accepted there because I was thin and pretty. Blond and therefore, “popular”. I really didn’t care, but it just happened to be the first table I saw. I sat down, and started zoning out, thinking of mystery boy from the rave last night. This girl, with candy red shiny lips and this obnoxious red hair, asked me casually, “What’s your name? Your in Mr. Slates class right?” I look at here. I study her face. Right when she’s starting to look nervous because I was staring to long, I reply: “Yeah. “ She nods. “I swear, you look really familiar. Are you a model? For uh, what’s that brand….Diesel? I swear you look soo familiar.” She looked genuinely interested. “Yeah, I’ve modeled for them before.” She looked awed. “Wow. You are so pretty, no wonder.” The other girl next to her said, “how do you stay so thin? And your skin! It’s flawless. By the way, I’m Andrea. And you?” “Alicia. My own secrets. And I drink a lot of water. ” “Oh. Cool. “ She said. I looked across the room and sighed silently. I was bored with this conversation. I had to go back there tonight. I needed him.

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