underwater breathing chap 1

Chap 1> I was bouncing like a puppy. Twisting and moving andÖÖ.breathing. Like I was was underwater. Underwater breathing, like that. Whatever it was I had taken had sure messed with my system, I supposed. Oh well. I was happy, I thought so. For some reason, it didnít occur to me that I looked ridiculous. All I wanted was to be free, to feel alive. I felt like I was spinning, a strange sensation In the back of my mind I couldnít really place. I was loving it, though. Just dancing, forgetting. There was someone in front of me, dancing with me I suppose, but I was dead inside. Trapped in my own pain andÖlife. I needed him, to feel his hands on my hips, his breath on my neck. I hadnít really noticed him until now; I was so wrapped up in these weird visions of puppies crying. Whining. They were crying out to me, begging me to playÖor something. Itís all really vague now that I try to remember. . Then I saw him, asking me to dance, so formal and all. I declined, for I felt sick, but he had smiled like I was some sort of tease, and pulled me out into that screaming, loud horrendous daze of light and sound and glow-in-the-dark jeweled candy kids, and so we danced. He was not average looking I supposed, maybe not because I couldnít see him well because it seemed like all around me was too dark, and those obnoxious lights were disrupting my vision, and those fucking puppies kept barking orders at the corners of my mind, it was no wonder I couldnít concentrate. But what I saw was beauty. So we danced, regardless of what he really looked likeÖ.we danced. The music blared on, loud and repetitive and insane, but we ignored it. Someone bumped into me hard, later I realized he had left a small round, almost perfect bruise, but it didnít bather me then, because we danced. And we didnít care.

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