underwater breathing chap 2

Chap 2> It’s funny, because at the rate I’m going at now, I’ll probably be dead when I’m 17. But I’ve heard from people that death is like infinite. You feel finally alone…but in a good way, when you die. Your reunited with the one you love, even you have never met. Like everyone that always pissed you off is gone, like you’re free to do whatever it is you always dreamed of doing. Death is for eternity. But then again, some people think they’re going to hell. Which I personally think, is a depressing way to think. How can someone think that of himself or herself? Some people believe you reincarnate, into like, bugs or whatever. Now I don’t know about that. Maybe dolifins, though. It was so strange. Once, when I decided to go to the zoo I went into the dolifin show. I was sitting there in the bleachers, staring into space feeling lifeless as usual, when the obnoxious voice of the loud speaker blared, disrupting my thoughts. They announced that the diolifins were to perform some “tricks”. I watched. They swam out, laughing and giggling in their own dolifin fashion and the strangest thing happened. I got all choked up. I just had this uncontrollable urge to cry. They were so beautiful and…………happy. Really, truly happy. It was all but overpowering. I left. No animal like that should ever be caged.

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