Chapter Three

_____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ *a bit later* Taylor, who was on the phone at he time, jumped when Becky just stormed into the room. "Becky! God! You fucking scared me!.." Taylor said something to the person on the other line then hung up. Becky sat down on Taylor's bed. "Tay, I swear I will someday pay back my my Mom for doing these things to me." "Another fight with your mom ?" Taylor guessed. HE knew Becky so well, he could almost read her thoughts. Her mind. They had known each other for almost their whole lives. And they were realtly close. Just resently they had started going out though. "Yeah, but what's new? All we do is fight, it's not like miricle came down fron heavven or anything, " Taylor went over and sat on the bed next to her. "Hey you'll most likely make up soon, you always do" He looked at her with those blue eyes. "It won't last long" "I would'nt be so sure about that, she's really mad, she is like really pissed." "Becky, you and your mom always make up" Taylor said, " Don't worry" "Yeah well whatever, I just hope she dos'nt come over here to find me. Actually, she probobly thinks im at my friends or something." "'Well that's good then." Taylor's older brother , Isaac walked into the room and informed them that if he did'nt come down right now there mom was gonna get pissed because she wanted some housework done. "Okay Ike, I'm going." Taylor said. _________________________________________________________________________________ " Can I kiss you?" Kalie asked suddenly. "What?" Zac was taken a back by this question, it's not that he did'nt want to, It's just that he had just not expected it. "Sure." Kalie leaned in and touched her lips to his. ~Why am I kissing this girl? I barely know her! And i'm going out with Andie now...But hey,this really is not that bad. No wait, I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm just kissing her. There's no harm in that right? Andie will never know...~ He thought. Boy, was he ever wrong. It's not like he didn't like this girl, well, she was fine. But there was something missing with her. He could'nt really place what. LIke there was something missing that every person had, but her. He could'nt even explain it to himself. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Zac felt a bit un-comfortable. He felt like he was cheating on Andie. This Kalie girl was really something else though. She went on strong. Zac felt her hand graze the top of his pants. ~Whoa! What was that! Shit.. I felt her hand there...Oh Yeah. ..Chill Zac, all she's doing is trying to feel you up or something. Don't get all carried away now..Chill.~ "Zac, are you being shy? Your fine okay?" Kalie smiled at the surprized look on his face when she put her hand down there to attempt to unzip his pants. "Are you not enjoying this?" she asked. " No, it's not that..It's just..My um, parents might walk in some time soon and catch us, or some shit." Quick. Make an excuse. "No they won't" Kalie assured him, she unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers. . . ~God , do I get hard easily. But hey, that might be a good thing.~ Kalie pulled his pants half way down and asked, as if he had'nt guessed, "Want me to suck you off?" "Hell yeah, babe." He anwered.SCrew Andie. THis was his oppurtunity. Like Andie ever went down on him. Why should he suffer?? " you want one?" Katie asked, porposly stalling just to tease him. "Hell yeah!" She just sat there and smiled. "Oh shit. Please?". "You really want one?" "YES!" Zac was getting REALLY exited". What was her problum?? "Please?" Kalie laughed. She loved to tease guys. "Well, I suppose I could." Kalie said She shoved him on his back so she could get a better angle. Kalie put her head down and started giving him exactly what he wanted. ~Oh holy shit, that feels good. This girl got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner! Why does'nt Andie do this to me? I've asked her so many times...oh wow, This is tight, I should hang out with Kalie more often...~ _______________________________________________________________________________- "I don't know about that, there's like, unidenified things behind there Tay, it scares me" Becky said as she made a face. "Well, it's just a old refrigerator, what could be there?" Taylor gave his girlfriend a reasuring glance." There's most likley only like, Rats or something...or maybe some cochroaches..." he laughed at the weird look on her face. "Are you serious?" Becky asked. "No, I was just messing around with you" Taylor grinned, flashing a smile. "Oh , so you enjoy "messing" with me?" "Well, it depends on what kind of "messing around" you mean..." "Well, how about this kind?" Becky kissed him . "Sounds good to me" Taylor said as he placed his hands under her shirt and un-clasped her bra. __________________________________________________________________________________ Later on, "Taylor, I know where you want to go and do you really think you're ready for this?" Becky placed her hand on Taylors hand, witch he was tring to undo his boxers with. Taylor looked at her. "Yeah ,you're not?" Becky moved away from him and sat up on the couch they were sitting on. "I don't know' ' said you were like, two minutes ago" "Well now I'm not so sure" Taylor took her head In his hands and kissed her. '"Are you sure you don't want too?" "I don't know, I'm just not sure" she sighed. "Taylor, this is a really big decision and- she was cut off by Taylor. "Well, let me make you sure" Taylor pushed her back down on the couch on her back , he started kissing her again and his hands slowly went up to her breasts where he started squeezing here already erect nipples.This felt to right, yet so wrong at the same time "Taylor I don't think- She was silanced by him pressing his lips against hers again. Taylor was getting really hard , and really, really exited. He wanted more. And now. ___________________ ____________________ "Are you wet anough yet? your so tight." "Yeah, but Taylor- Becky disided to give up. It's not like, in this state of exitement, he was gonna listen to her anyways. Taylor pocitioned himself on top of her. Becky closed her eyes and waited. She knew it would hurt. The first time alwaus sucked, anyways. So Becky, just bear it. Get it over with.He wants it, so why not let him? I just hope it does'nt hurt too much. becky closed her eyes as Taylor pushed himself in. He was'nt sure if he should go in all the way so he asked, "Should I push harder?" "If you want" Becky answered. The truth was she really did'nt care if he did or not. It really did not hurt as much as she thought it would. She was actually starting to enjoy it. Taylor closed his eyes and pushed his full self into her. He started trusting. "Oh , shit...." Becky mummbled. "What? Doe's it hurt? you want me to pull out?" "Oh no don't, that just feels really amazing ." She gasped. Taylor smiled. "So your'e enjoying this?" "Hell yeah." Taylor smiled again, and started thrusting in and out of her. "Oh god....." Becky softly moaned. After not to long, Taylor felt it coming. ~Oh fuck! I gotta pull out! I promised her I would pull out before I blew.But this feels so good..........~ "Oh shit, Becky I'm gonna come." He gasped. "Oh shit! Pull out Tay! " "Do I have too?" "Taylor! hurry!" Taylor sighed , but pulled out before he it let go. They both sat back on the couch. Becky took a deep breath. "Oh Whoa" Taylor said. "God Taylor,that was scary. I knew we should have used a condom. I'm not taking that risk again. That was fucking freaky." "Well Becky, why did you make me pull out? It was just getting good." "Look Taylor I was pissed about it too, but my idea of a fun time is not getting pregnant And caring for a baby. I hate babies." Taylor sighed. "Fine. Nextime we will use a condom. Nasty things." "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." Becky quickly kissed him before standing up and pulling on her pants. "Don't worry baby, there will be a next time."Taylor said, rasing his eyebrow. Becky just laughed. ____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ "Whoa, Zac!!! " Matt's eyes went wide when he realised what he saw. He had just walked in the door of Zac's room and walked in on him and Kalie. He did not expept to see what he saw. That's for sure. "SHIT!" Zac and Kalie yelled at the same time, causing then both to fall off the bed. Matt just shook his head and sat down at Zac's desk, laughing. "Oh my god! Matt, what are you doing? Why the hell are you in here! you can always knock, you know!" Zac yelled, quickly pulling on his pants. Kalie quickly pulled here shirt and pants on and walked over to Matt. "Hey, I'm Kalie, what's your name?" she placed out her hand. "Um...uh.." Matt was a bit surprized by how calm and cool she was, when just after he had just walked in on her giving head....Well, she sure was'nt the emmbarrased type. "Well?" "Oh, name is Matt." Matt shock her hand, tring hard not to think where it might have been. "Please to meet you" Kalie gave Matt a smile. "Like wise" _________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________the Next week________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ "Kalie, can I talk to you for a sec?" Kalie's Dad called here into the kitchen. "Sure Dad, coming in a sec" Kalie finished brushing her hair and came down the stairs to the kitchen. "Yeah Dad? What's up?" Kalie's dad patted the seat next to him, motioning for her to sit next to him. "I wanted to talk to you about the guy your dating now What's his name? Zachary?" Kalie nodded "Yeah" "Well, I just wanted to tell you to be carful" He sat back as if he had explained himself fully. "What do you mean by that?" "Uh...Well..I just heard some roumers about the Hanson familys boys and I just want you to be carful. Thats all" Kalie gave her dad a really weird look. "Okay dad, thanks for warning me-I guess" She kissed her dad on the cheek, grabbed a apple from the table, and went back up stairs. Avoiding any further conversation. ________________________________________________________________________________