Chapter Four

~Okay that was weird. I wonder what roumers he was talking about? Oh dad is messed up anyways..He most likely does'nt know what the hell he's talking about .~ ____________ ______________ ___________ "TELL ME WHY! AIE'NT NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE.AIN'T NOTHING BUT A MISTAKE.TELL ME WHY, I NEVER WANNA HEAR YOU SAY I WANT IT THAT- Kalie's loud singing was interruped by the phone ringing. She quickly turned off the music and and picked up the phone. 'Hello?" "Hey, it's me" "Oh hey Zac! What's up?" "Nothing much, how about you?" "Ditto. Do you wanna go somewhere today? like a movie or something?" "Yeah, okay hold on I gotta check with my mom" Kalie waited. Zac came back on the phone. " Okay, I can go somewhere put I think we should like, go swimming or something, it's too warm to see a movie." "That's why. Movie theatures are always air-conditioned. It's so damn hot here in the winter. I feel like I'm melting." "Yeah, But a movie is that same old thing you know? I want to do something more diff." "Yeah I see what you mean." "Why don't we go to the pool? You know, the one near where the community center is." "Okay, sounds cool.Litterly." "I'll come over now okay?" "Alright. See you soon." _______******____________*******_______ Ring. Ring. Ring. "Yeah?" Zac ANSWERED the phone. "Is that how you ANSWER the phone?" Zac froze. It was Andie. ~Why is she calling me? She she does'nt! She coud'nt know. I did'nt tell her.. but what if she finds out? Shit...~ "No um....Hey Andie, whats up?" "Nothing much. I just wanted to know if you were free today. I thought we could go to see " Notting Hill" it looks pretty good" She giggled. "A perfect make out movie" She giggled again. Zac was sick."Well, I um..." Zac quickly tryied to think of a answer."I gotta go with my mom to the Doctor today." "Oh. Why?" "You know, she wants me too go get a check up" "Can't you cancel?" "NO, I mean I just can't." "Oh, okay well, I guess we could do somthing tomorrow?" "Sure, sounds cool with me." "Great, well I gotta go because my mom is calling me." "Okay. Good-bye Andie. See you tomarrow. I'll call you tonight." "Bye." _______________________ __________ "Bye" Andie hung up the phone and sat down on her bed. ~Thier is something up with him...He's acting really weird. Well, maybe he is sick..Nah, there is somthing going on. I know it. But what?~ ____________________________________________________________________________________ "Hey Kalie! What's up?" Zac said, as Kalie opened the door, dressed in a really tight, short blue old Navy tank top and khaki capris. "Hey Zac! Ready to go to the pool?" "Hell yeah. I'm in a swimming mood" "Okay, wait let me tell my mom im going." Kalie dissaperd down the hall. Zac examened his hair in the window. ~God, my hair looks like shit. I think I should cut it...ąt least it would be less hassle.~ Kalie appeared in the door again."Hey, sorry, my mom is being a bitch and she insisted on giving me her " be Careful" talk for only the 100th time this year" "What's the" be careful "talk?" "Oh, it's just a lecture on how I wear too much revealing clothes and how I am gonna get raped soon, if I keep dressing like this, and how I never think about the concequences in life and all that crap." "Oh...yeah, my mom is a lot like that too. Only Worse" Zac smiled. " She thinks im gonna go out and fuck every girl I see or somthing. She does'nt trust me worth shit." "I wonder why she thinks that?" Kalie laughed to herself. "I don't really know. Maybe because she has caught my brother fucking this girl his his bedroom one time, so she thinks I'm gonna try to copy him or something." "That's messed up. You will do what you want.Your brother's not your idol, you know??" "Yeah I know." Before they knew it they had reached the bus stop. Thet were taking the bus to that pool, because they coud'nt get anyone to drive them. "So like, when's the bus coming?" _________________________________________________________________________________ "Uh. Zac? Are you in there? Why is it taking you so long to put on your fucking bathing suit? " Kailie yelled in to the boys lockeroom. "Huh? Kalie? I can't hear you, these people are like, making a amazing amount of noise." Zac yelled back from the locker room. "I said hurry up! I'm getting cold!" "Okay! " Kalie stood out side the door in her bathing suit and stared at the pool. There were about 40 people in the pool that day. It really was'nt all that crowded. Kalie was happy. She had just gotten a new bathing suit and she was eager to show it off to Zac. "God, those people are fucking nuts. They are like wild in there. " he said as he walked out of the lockerroom. "Okay well, let's get in the pool before I like, die of cold." Zac's eyes wandered down Kalies body. Kalie smiled. Then Zac jumped in the water. "Come on in Kalie! It's pretty cool." "It's cold!" Kalie argued as she stuck her foot in the water. "No it's not baby" Zac smiled, and grabbed her ankle. And held on tight. "ZAC! LET GO OF ME!" She tried to shake his hand off. "No" Zac smiled at her and quickly pulled her in, making a big splash. "ZAC I HATE YOU! YOU ASSHOLE! WHY IN thE HELL DID YOU PULL ME IN THE FUCKING POOL! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLUM!" Zac made a sorry face. "I'm sorry baby , can you forgive me?" Kalie looked at him. She was still mad. Zac swam up to her and said, "Look im sorry, just chill okay?" He smiled. Kalie melted. She loved his smile. She could'nt say no to it. "Okay I guess I could forgive you. But you would have to do somthing else to tto." Zac quickly looked to see if the lifegaurd was looking then put his hands on her waist and softly brushed his lips against hers. "Do you forgive me now?" he smirked. "Sure" Kalie smiled . They contenued kissing for a little while longer till Kalie pulled away to say, "Hey I know lets go in the sauna." Kalie gave a evil grin and laughed. "I don't know, you might rape me or something. I'm so hot to resist."He joked. "Of course not! Why would I do that?" They got out of the pool and started walking towards the sauna. Zac noticed Kalie looking at this stomach. "What?" "Do you work out?" Kalie asked. "Uh, not really.I don't know, sometimes I use my brothers bench press thing but ,no, I really don't. Why?" Zac asked. She raised her eyebrows. "Sure looks like you do" She smiled. She ran her hand down his abs. "You got one killer six pack." Zac shrugged. "If you say so." "You have to work out, you could'nt have that body if you did'nt" "I swear I don't work out" "Yeah right, modest boy." they reached the sauna and stepped inside. "God! It's hella hot in here!" Zac exclaimed as he sat down on a beach. "I know' Kalie said as she sat down next to him. "Hey, their's no one else in here' Kalie pointed out. "Now, that is a good thing." Zac said. Kalie layed down on the bench and ajusted her blue bikini top. She looked at him thoughtfully. "Did you have a girlfreind before you met me?" "'What made you ask that?" "I don't know, I'm just curious" Zac disided not to lie. There was no point in that. "Yeah I did." "What happened to her?" "I dumped her." "When?" "After I met you." Zac looked at her. "You dumped her for me?" "Yeah." Kalie was quiet for a while. She finally spoke. She sat up against the wall, facing him. "Where you planning on dumping her anyways?" "Actually yeah, it just was'nt working out anymore." "Okay that's good, because I would'nt have wanted you too dump her for me." was all that Kalie said. "Yeah. It was'nt working out" Kalie nodded. Zac closed his eyes and layed back on the wall. She looked at his stomach again. ~God ,he has a nice body. I am like really lucky that he's interested in me. It's not like am all that great. He could have any girl he wants. I mean, hes really good looking .~ "Are you SURE you don't work out?" Zac opened his eyes. "God! No I don't! shut up about the working out thing!" He laughed. "I just that you have a really nice body and I find it hard to belive you don't." "Well, would you like me too work out or something?" Zac asked. "Belive me, you don't need too" "So you really think I have a nice body?" "Hell yeah" "It's not that great.My brother can bench press 100 more then I can." "Well, your buff anough for me baby." Kalie smiled and scooted closer next to him. Zac smiled back. "You know, Their is no one in here.we could have some fun." "And what kind of fun would that be?" Kalie playfully asked. "Oh you know." Zac brushed his lips againist hers and said, "This kind." Kalie returned his kiss and put her arms around his neck. Zac started kissing her harder and sliped his tougue in her mouth. There tounges touched, which sent a shiver up Kalie's spine. They contenued kissing, each kiss getting more and more passionate. Zac soon felt her hand on his thigh. It was slowly making it's way to his trunks. Oh yeah, now it's gonna get good........ He was getting impatint with her pace, which to him, was of a snail. He gently took her hand and placed it on his cock. Kalie laughed inside. I was wondering when he would do that. Zac quickly reached a full eretion when Kalie started rubbing it with her cupped hands. "Oh Shit.." Zac muttered. Kalie smiled. He was enjoying this. Well, so was she. After a while Kalie stopped rubbing his cock. She wanted to see what he would do. "Why'd you stop?" Zac asked, breathing hard. "I have a better idea" Kalie said, as she Took a look a the door to see if anyone was coming in. there was noone. She reached around her back and un-clapsed her bra. She therew it away. It fell to the bench beside her. Zac mad e sound that closly resemplaed the niegh of horse. "Oh yeah, now were talking." "Don't be shy Zac, I'll let you do anything." Anything??Well, now this was new.did she just say anything? ~ Zac sliped off his trunks and shrugged. It'snt like she hasn't seen it before or or tasted it for that matter. "Oh, nice package honey, how long is it?" "Huh?" "How long is your dick?" "Um, I don't 7 inches or so" "Really? Fasinating." Kalie was asking questions just to piss him off. She just loved to tease guys. She found it got them hornier. "Uh, yeah." Zac was getting really hot. The sauna seemed to be getting hotter and hotter by the minute. "Oh baby, I'm just playing with you, , come here I'll blow you." "Okay" Zac was quick to agree. Kalie sat up so she was facing him. "Get on your knees" Zac did. Kalie started sucking his hard cock, retracting it in and out of her mouth. Zac loved this. He was in heaven. Oh yeah, this is the life alright. She traced her tounge along the sentitive underside of his dick as she sucked. This drove him wild. She went at that for a while. Zac's muscles tightened quickly in pleasure as he felt himself come in Kalie' s mouth. Zac put his hand on the wall to steady himself as a wave of pleasure ran though him . Zac ran his hands though his hair and breathed hard. "God, I'm really hot" kalie said, sitting up and leaning aganst he wll. "You just realised that?" Zac laughed , still breathing hard. "Yeah" Kalie put back on her bikini top. "You suck like a fucking pro, girl. Where did you ever learn to suck dick like that?? " Kalie smiled. She loved being complemented. Expassalaly on something she was'nt so sure she was good at. "Well, thanks. I don't know." Kalie smirked. "But it's your turn next time. It only seems fair, consetering the fact I have blown you two times already." "Well, maybe next time I will." _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________The Next Day___________________ "Taylor honey. Will you take out the garbage?" Diana asked her son, who was staring at the drippy CBN newscastor, who had just proclaimed it to be a record-breaking high of 130 degrees. "Huh?" Taylor looked at his mom. "I said, will you please take out the garbage? It's starting to smell now that it's getting hot." "Getting hot? It's more then hot, it's fucking fuming." "Taylor! I don't like that word, you know that, and I would not mind in the slightist if you did'nt say it." Taylor rolled his eyes. "Okay mom." Taylor turned back to the tv. "Well?" Taylor sighed. "Okay damn, I'll do it." Diana was about to say she did'nt like the word damn either when there was a knoke at the door. "I'll get it!" Taylor said, groaning and standing up from the couch and walking to the door. He triped over the cat as he did so. "Damn Cat." as he muttered as he opened the door. What he saw was Katie standing there. "Oh hey Katie, Jessi's up stairs let me get her." Katie was Taylor's little sister, Jessicas friend. They had known eachother for as long as Taylor could remember. Taylor let Katie in and went to the foot of the stairs. "JESSICA! KATIES AT THE DOOR!" Taylor scared the cat as he yelled that, sending it under the couch in fright. Taylor laughed. "dumb cat." Jessica came running down the stairs. "Hey Katie! Guess what? I got the new Poke'mon card!" Katie squeled. "Really?! What one? " "The evolved Picihu." "Cool!" Taylor sighed in discust. He hated Poke'mon. and heaven knows he was hell sick of them. "Why don't you take your boring, pointless drivlle to the other room? I really don't feel like hearing about Poke'mon now" Taylor said, shoving them up the stairs. "God Taylor, Poke'mon's cool! Don't say mean things about them!" Jessica said. "Shove it" Taylor said, closing the door to her room with then behind it. "Taylor! Are you being mean to your sister?"Diana yelled from the kitchen. "Of course not mom!" Taylor yelled .I gotta get out of this place. I'm gonna die in here, he thought. Taylor ran his hands though his long blond hair. "Mom?im heading over to Shane's house okay?" " Alright,Honey. Be back by 8:00." "Sure thing." ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Hey ! Tay! Man, what's up? " Shane opened the door to his house to revel a huge party going on. "Bring any chicks?" Shane asked, looking behind Taylor. "Oh damn I did'nt. Sorry." Taylor laughed. "Fuck you man!" Shane laughed, taking another sip of his beer. Taylor let himself in and closed the door. "Oh man! I gotta talk to you! " Taylor wistpered to Shane. "Like what is it man?" Shane asked. "I just gotta talk to you now." Taylor insisted. Shane nodded, set his beer down and followed him into Shane's bedroom. Taylor triped over a beer can as he walked in. As they walked in they saw that two people were making out on his bed. "Man guys! Will you go get a fucking room for god damn's sake!" Shane yelled, shooing them out of the room . Taylor laughed as they ran out of the room. "People like that make me sick, barging in and spitting on other people's beds." Shane shook his head. Taylor laughed again. What was funny was that shane has probubly done the exact same thing. "So like, what did you want to talk to me about?" Shane asked, sitting down on the bed. "I did it." Shane was clueless. "Well man, that's great whatever you did, I'm sure it was tottaly cool, but what the hell did you do??" Taylor threw his hands up in the air. "I had sex." Shane was spechless. "Woah! You finally did it! Man! That's great, although I guess I can't call you pale white virgin boy anymore, huh??" He smirked. Taylor sat down on the bed. "It sucked slightly, but I guess that's average.. " "Tell me more" Taylor looked at him. "What do you want to know?" "I want to know if you enjoyed it." Taylor looked at Shane strangly. "Of corse I did." Taylor paused. "I did'nt my first time. I was dumb, drunk and young. I came to early,it sucked frankly." "Whoa, Shane, it's your serious side!" Shane contenuied anyways. "I was just nervous I guess, you know she was too and I guess we did'nt just click or something, it was pretty much the worst experiance of my life ." Taylor gave his friend a smile. "I never knew that. You never told me." "Never had the occasion." Taylor layed back on the bed . "Well I enjoyed it, and I think Becky did too." "Becky?? You fucked Becky?" "Yeah, who else?" "Nothing, it's just I did'nt think she was the type." _________________________________________________________________________________ This is fucking retated. He throws a party and he's not even here!" Crystal said. "Well, he might be in some room fucking some girl or something, you can go look if you want." Matt said, pointing towards the bedrooms. "Thanks but I'd rather not. And besides it would not be very surprizing anyways." Crystal said, dodging a guy who just ran into her. "Hey watch where your going Asshole!" Crystal yelled, thoughing a empty beer can at after him. "Oh yeah, guys are such animals are'nt they?' Matt smirked. "Oh shut up Matt" Crystal said. they stood three for about two more minutes, trying to disde where Shane could be when a girl showed up. "Hey Matt" she smiled and kissed him. "Hey Baby, what's up?' "I thought we could go into the bed room..." she giggled in a way that mad Crystal gag. "Sounds like I could live with that" Matt smiled. As he and "baby" Walked past Crystal to head over to the bed room, Crystal was discusted. She watched then walk in to someones room. Why are guys such pigs? Is that all they think about is sex? Do they have any morals? She doubted it. Crystal looked around for her best friend Becky. She had to be here somewhere. She knew she had come with her boyfriend Taylor. She spotted Becky standing over at the refreshment table talking to a guy she knew from school. Crystal waved and walked over. "Hey Beck! Where's Taylor?" she asked, noticing that Taylor was'nt there with her. "Um...He was at home last I saw him, he was gonna come over after he got "ready" Becky put two fingers up to signal a "finger quote". "Ah, I see" Crystal said. They talked for a while longer when Becky said she was gonna go call taylor to ask why he was'nt here yet. _______________________ Beck was at the refreashment table when she spotted Taylor talking to Taylor. She ran over. "Hey TAY! I did'nt know you were here yet!" Becky said. "I have been here a while" Taylor said, giving her this weird look. "I was actually looking for you" Becky gave Crystal a look. "Sorry! I thought he ha'nt come yet!" Crystal creid. "Im lost " Taylor said. Looking at them both. "It's nothing" Becky said. "So, have you seen Shane? I can't him any fucking place! " Cyrstal stated. "um..i saw him earlier" Taylor answered. "Where?" "We were in his room talking" Crystal nodded. "About what?" "About last night" Taylor smirked. Becky looked ammbresed. "About what last night?' Crystal asked. She was confused. "It's nothing" Becky quickly said. she did'nt want people to know yet about last night. she wanted to think about it for a while longer, straighten out her feelings before it was known to the world. Taylor looked at Becky. She was looking the other whay so he asumed that it was a lright to tell. "Come here." Taylor motined for Crystal to come closer. "What?" "I fucked Becky last night." Crystal looked at him like he was nuts. "YOU WHAT?!" "Shh! you heard me!" Crystal threw her hands up then rediseded and just stayed silent. Becky turned from talking to some guy to see Crystal freaking out and she asumed the worst. "Taylor! you told her? about us?" Taylor looked at her, surprzed. "I did'nt know you cared!" Taylor said. "TAYLOR! YOU ASHOLE! THAT WAS A PRIVATE THING! WHO ELSE DID YOU TELL?" Now she was yelling. "Noone but Shane" "TAYLOR! YOU PRICK! FUCK YOU!" People were starting to crowd around now. Becky saw this, and ran out of the room in tears. "Becky! wait?" Taylor said, as he strated to run after her. Crystal grabbed his arm and stopped him. "She wants to be alone tay, don't mess with her when shes pissy. Not a good idea" Taylor looked at her, sighed and sat down at the couch nearby. "Damn, I did'nt know she would n't that mad you know?" He shook his head. "We all didn't." Crystal said. Crystal then smiled. "Now. I want all the gory details" Taylor laughed. "Okay." _______________________________________________________________

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